New Screenshots From Red Dead Redemption 2 Revealed Ahead Of Its Release

New Screenshots From Red Dead Redemption 2 Revealed Ahead Of Its Release

Red Dead Redemption 2 was the most expected wild west game of this year. Fans had been speculating about its release date since day 1, which was backed up by an official release time in the fall of 2017.

But in a turn of events, Rockstar Games changed the release time to spring 2018. A specific date hasn’t been announced yet. Xbox One and PS4 will do the honors of hosting Red Dead Redemption 2, while the PC still awaits its chance. However, the company didn’t leave the fans in the dark and showed some of the screenshots from the game.

Take a look at them.

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From the looks of it, it might actually be an open world game with varied storylines to play through.

After watching movies like Django unchained, Magnificient Seven or the wild west movies of Clint Eastwood, one can say that the expecations out of Red Dead Redemption 2 are high. These screenshots tell us that the game might live more than the expectations. Until the game’s release next year, these images are something for us fans to chew on.

Middle Earth Shadow Of War’s New Trailer Is Every Reason To Look Forward For It

Middle Earth Shadow Of War’s New Trailer Is Every Reason To Look Forward For It

If you haven’t yet read about Shadow of War’s new and improvised Nemesis system, read it here. Instead of having a fixed game-flow, the Nemesis system will look to provide spontaneous storylines that are based on the decisions you make during the game.

It’s also expected to solve the open world problems, which would involve balancing the gameplay and duration of interactions with the people and structures of the open world. Adding to these massive improvements in terms of storyline and gameplay, Shadow of War will have impressive visuals too. A new trailer has been released apart from the gameplay footage, to show the power of the new visuals.

Take a look at it.

6 Reasons To Feel Excited About The Next Assassin’s Creed Game

6 Reasons To Feel Excited About The Next Assassin’s Creed Game

The latest news that we had on Assassin’s Creed, is that it is going to be titled as ‘Origins’. The location is to be set in Egypt and will have two main characters. The first image from the game surfaced online on Reddit, and it revealed one of the characters sailing a boat on a river. The gamers believe it to be, the river Nile.


These titbits about Assassin’s Creed Origins has created a wave of excitement among its fans. But, if you think these are the only details that we can chew on, I got some news for you. There are more information on this game, to feel excited about.

Origins Is Being Made By The Team Which Made Black Flag


Earlier, Black Flag’s director Ashraf Ismail stated that Egypt will be an interesting setting for the next AC game and he and his team were working on an unannounced project. Just as expected, the next game is set in Egypt and is titled as Origins. A reddit poster too, confirmed this piece of information.

While Black Flag had more stuff to do with the waters, Origin might focus more on the sands of the desert, especially the pyramids.

Meanwhile, The Action Will Continue In The Modern Days


Origins will boast 21st century assassination action sequences. Though Desmond isn’t with us anymore, the battle will rage on in the present day, in one form or the other. These sequences will involve the modern day world, buildings, weapons, people and structures. An assassin who is a deadly sniper, would seem to be the highest possibility of being our protagonist. Air assassinations will have an entire different meaning now. The very thought of it, boils the blood in excitement.

Many Historical Time Periods


This is an interesting addition to the game. Designing and managing the environment for many timelines of the same location is hard. The game’s sequences have to be organised in the right manner, so the timelines shift with the flow of the story. With the location being an Egyptian city, it will be a wonder to see how the developers represent that place under different timelines. Will they stick to their imaginations or will they extract details from the history itself? Only time will tell.

Open World Like Skyrim

The focus will be more on exploration unlike any other Assassin’s Creed game. This would mean, that you can wander about and play as much as you want, without worrying just about the objectives. Ubisoft promises to offer an Egyptian open-world, which would be comparable to one of those made by Bethesda. If that is the case, it’ll open wider options to carry out an assassination. It’ll also be interesting to see, how we could put the open world’s environment to good use for our assassination attempts.

We Cannot Avoid Boats And Waters


This is totally expected out of the AC4 team. With Black Flag focussing primarily on naval battles, Egypt will also have boats and fights to be made on the mediterranean sea. However, it would be insightful to see, how far these naval battles would go. There might be additional changes to the gameplay and fighting styles, with different attacking weapons and exploring the ship’s hull for more options to defend.

Origins Will Run On An Updated Version Of Anvil Engine


Most of the AC games have been running on the Anvil game engine. Unity and Syndicate were the only ones that ran on the next version, AnvilNext 2.0. Going a step further, Origins will run on a further upgraded engine and will look to deliver twice as much as Unity or Syndicate. Graphics, sounds, gameplay and every other possible detail might change in a bigger way. It looks like we’re up for one amazing experience with Origins.

The excitement is real, with more information playing out on this game. We can expect a lot more, before the game officially releases. For AC fans who are tired of seeing the usual, Origins would look certainly look to prove otherwise with the addition of the mentioned changes.






The Absolver Game Is A Combo Of Dark Souls And Destiny. Here’s How..

The Absolver Game Is A Combo Of Dark Souls And Destiny. Here’s How..

Dark Souls and Destiny are well-known for their unique styles of combat and gameplay. A gamer who is a fan of both of them, would tend to imagine the resultant of a game, where Dark Souls and Destiny come together. One such game is Absolver.

So, you might ask, “What do you have to support your statements?”

Watch this new trailer.

How’s it like Dark Souls?

When you explore the ruins of the Adal empire in the game, you’ll have to come up against other players. While you engage in a fight with your opponents, the melee combat system rewards positioning and balancing stamina consumption. As you go on to win the duel, you’ll permanently receive the attack XP you earned from their fighting style, potentially learning one of their moves. But if you lose, those learned skills will float away like squandered souls.

How about Destiny?

Unlike the previous scenario, you don’t always have to fight the players you run into. Instead, you can team up together for a bigger purpose or a common goal. Speaking about “teaming-up”, Absolver has dedicated arenas for players who want to team up for PvP battles. Notice that this is a strong resemblance to Destiny’s ‘The Crucible’. On the other hand, there are co-op dungeons for players who would want to fight NPC opponents as a team. This would resemble Destiny’s ‘Strikes’. Apart from that, the trailer shows the mentor/student system. It is a way for the skilled players to teach the newbies about the game. This system already exists as a part of the Destiny community.

But, Is Absolver Unique?

The answer is yes. Though it does boast certain similarities to Dark Souls and Destiny, it’s feel and look is totally unique. The most unique of them all, is the type of combat used. It inherits many martial arts moves and the fights highly depend on a massively customizable stance-based combat system. Absolver can be listed under one of the best current-gen fighting games.

If you are looking forward to playing this game and test your kung-fu skills, Absolver will be available PC and PS4 on August 29 this year.

How Much Money Can You Make Winning The Injustice 2 Championship? Read On…

How Much Money Can You Make Winning The Injustice 2 Championship? Read On…

Victory isn’t just about defeating your opponent. It is about the booty and treasure that come along with winning. It is a tradition that began a thousand years back and is still a part of us, in the form of a prize money that comes after winning a competition. One such competition is announced for the upcoming game, Injustice 2.

The event will begin on March 26, 10 days after the game’s official release. The competition will comprise of multiple tournaments, with the ultimate gold being a massive $600,000. Warner Bros. is partnering with ESL, Gamelta, esports Professional League, Gamestop, Sony, and Twitch for this event.

Playstation 4 will be the official platform to be played on and Twitch will be streaming the entire competition. The season is bound to go through 4 months and will choose 16 finalists, who will go on to LA on September 17 for the finals.


The game has got iconic villians like Scarecrow, Captain Cold, Black Adam, Brainiac and Darkseid. Darkseid is available as only a pre-order bonus and not a part of the main game. Meanwhile, an upcoming DLC will feature Starfire, Red Hood and Mortal Kombat’s very own Sub-zero. Apart from these fellas, Joker is making a return with an aesthetic that would resemble Jared Leto’s recent iteration of the character.

Our guess is that there will be many participants just for the prize money itself. Who would not want to win a whopping $600,000? This amount is pretty much enough to motivate gamers and to drag-in a lot of them into the competition. But, when seen from the outside, we would say that this is a smart marketing strategy by Warner Bros and Netherrealm Studios. The money would invite more players to join the game, increasing its player-base.

That being said, it is left to see who is going to win the ultimate prize.

Call Of Duty Black Ops III Zombies Chronicles Leaked

Call Of Duty Black Ops III Zombies Chronicles Leaked

Treyarch studios…

The place that saw the development of the famous Call Of Duty games…


In recent times, the company has been sharing hints about the arrival of new DLCs for Black Ops III. These hints were backed-up by posts on Reddit, that suggested an upcoming expansion known as Zombies Chronicles.

Later, these hints and rumours were confirmed, when an early leak from the ESRB’s listing, showed a description of a new add-on for Black Ops III. This leak was unforseen and had to be taken down soon after by the officials.

But, that small gap was enough for the fans to take a screenshot of it and release it on the internet. The screenshot outlines the content of the expansion pack, and doesn’t contain any in-depth details of it.








However, another leak from a mexican retailer described the DLC as having 8 remastered zombies maps. Since, the leak went viral on reddit, it is unsure whether all the eight maps would be included in Black Ops III’s upcoming add-on.

















With all these potential information floating around the web, the next move to be made by Treyarch on this situation, is soon to be seen.

PC Games Can Be Streamed On Nintendo Switch? Here’s How

PC Games Can Be Streamed On Nintendo Switch? Here’s How

Game changing, right? The Rainway app will soon be available on the Nintendo eShop and will allow the Switch users to stream PC games onto Nintendo’s portable platform. The app will look to bypass the compatibility issues for streaming the PC games on the console.

The developer of the app has claimed, that Rainway comes with Directx 11 and can be used to stream PC games. Moreover, it is also said to support streaming on iOS, android, and most importantly the Nintendo Switch. However, the developer didn’t state anything with respect to the set up of the stream from the PC’s end. But, it was assured that the configuration will be an easy process.

Once the app becomes optimized for Windows 8, its services will probably be extended to consoles too. This would mean, that Playstation games might also be streamed on the Switch.


You might be wondering, if the streaming would be smooth with all the hardcore processing involved on both ends. The developer does give a bit of hope on this aspect, by stating that users streaming from a PC with more than one GPU can have one of the GPUs rendering the game, while designating the other to encode the stream. This ought to reduce the lag.

None wants to see a powerful and priceless Switch console, fly out of the window due to a lag.


A “How To” Guide On The Division’s New Loadout Feature

A “How To” Guide On The Division’s New Loadout Feature

The PTS (Public Test Server) is an amazing addition to a game’s post-launch support. It brings in new updates and fixes, which were suggested or encountered after a game’s initial release. Tom Clancy’s The Divison is one such game that has roped in an amazing feature, during its recent PTS event.

After an year from its release, the game will now boast a “loadout” feature. Initially, the inventory was pretty messed up, with all the weapons, gears and skills scattered around. Many players including me, had a lot of difficulty setting up the right combo of these items for the maximum effect. If you were one of them, you would have pulled your hair out, owing to the exisiting confusion with the loadout.

Therefore, the loadout is a welcomed feature to The Division and is now accessible only by the PC players. Since, the update arrived to the PTS, there might be many tweaks made to this feature, before it releases on other platforms. However, if you are a PC player and have access to The Division’s PTC, here is how you need to use the loadout feature.

PS:- Thank me later.

How To Create A Loadout


Start with equipping your character with the desired weapons and gears. Then, choose the best skills and talents that match with them. These items will form your loadout set. Once you’ve chosen everything you want, jump over to the loadout tab, highlight one of the six loadout slots, and choose to set the loadout. The gear, weapons, skills, and talents will populate the loadout.

How To Use Loadouts


The feature allows you to have six different loadout sets. Therefore, you won’t have any problems in picking the correct combo of the items from your inventory. You can just directly head to the loadout tab and select a particular set that you feel is needed for the situation.

In the PvP or The Last Stand arena, the action is fast paced and you won’t have time to search through the inventory to come up with the right combo. Hence, having the ability to change a character’s loadout will be immensly helpful in winning matches.

How To Update Loadouts


When you wish to change a loadout set, just equip that particular set and go to the inventory to replace the exisiting items in the loadout. Then, go to the loadout screen and overwrite the previous one.

Feel yourself at ease with this feature up and running. You no longer need to be anxious and tensed about switching between gears and weapons.



Here Are The Call Of Duty: World War 2 Potential Information Leaks

Here Are The Call Of Duty: World War 2 Potential Information Leaks

It’s good news for Call Of Duty fans, as Activision confirmed that the franchise’s next game, World War 2 will be officially revealed at a live stream event on April 26.

Ever since Activision announced the news, fans have been curious to know more about the game before hand. Just as they wished for, a few details on the game have leaked online. One such leak, is that the title will include a new co-operative mode.

The leak was made through an advertisement. It claims that the co-op mode will feature new and original story, and will consist of next-level standalone game experience full of unexpected, adrenaline-pumping moments. Certainly, a standalone co-op mode is a good addition to the monotonous single campaigns. Check out the Ad below.


Apart from the co-op, you will be able to see descriptions about the game’s single and multiplayer modes. The single campaign will look to take the gamers back to the Normandy D-Day landings, to relive those moments again. Meanwhile, the multiplayer mode will offer different locations to choose from, which are based on the world war 2 battles. Apart from that, this mode also suggests intriguing ways to socialize with players in the online community, which will be known once the game releases.

If these valuable information aren’t enough, there is more coming your way. Leaked screenshots have surfaced online, which are taken right out of the Call Of Duty World War 2’s campaign. The images are of low resolution and don’t reveal much about the game. However, it certainly gives a good look at how the campaign would be.

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Finally, to complete the list of COD: WW2 leaks, the advertisement above also shows that the game is set to release on November 3rd 2017. Since, the release date has lost its secrecy, Activision might try to change the release date with a postpone. We have to wait for their official announcement, though.

This space will be updated once the live stream reveal of the game starts on April 26. Stay tuned.