Know How The Game-play Of Days Gone Shifts, Depending Upon Time, Weather And You

“That’s our tagline: In Days Gone, you don’t have to go seeking out trouble, the world comes for you” – Days Gone creative director John Garvin

That tagline sounds threatening and exciting at the same time.

Now, imagine being in a quiet open world filled with zombies. You’d feel threatened, as you’d have no idea when and where, a zombie is going to run into you (I’d suggest you to wear diapers in this situation!). At the same time, you’d also be excited about killing or escaping from those zombies in all possible ways. There are different means to escape from them, and the best of all is going to be your feet (Remember rule no:1 – Cardio! You better hit the gym!).

“Why are you talking about a tagline?”, might be your question. The answer is; Days Gone is a game that completely revolves around this tagline. Nowadays, open world games are going through big transformations of how they are being represented in a more logical way. Shadow of War is a prime example of that. It hosts an intelligent Nemesis system that alters the flow of the game based on the decisions and actions you make. It is more of a ’cause and effect’ system. Days Gone has went a little further than that, and has roped in other factors that effect the game’s flow. These factors are something to be excited about and to look forward to.

Time And Weather Decide Your Fate


All open world games go through the cycle of day and night. In the other games, you might not have noticed them to much extent. But it’s not the case in Days Gone. Every single character in the game respond and react in accordance to the time of the day and weather. Some freakers (well that’s how the zombies are called in this game) become stronger during cold conditions. These fellas are often found loitering the snow-covered places. They don’t come out when its warm, as this condition is hard for them to thrive. Likewise, the time of the day plays a major role too. The marauders would do a bonfire during a cold night, and focus only on themselves and the fire. This serves as the right time to sneak up on them. You cannot sneak on them during any other time of the day, as they’ll be continuously on guard. Time and weather are factors which alter the way you approach a particular situation.

And, this brings us to the next factor…

You Can Approach In More Than One Way


If you come across an enemy camp, there are many methods to take them out. Though you rake-in your skills along the way, it might not be enough in certain situations. Such times call for an adaptation in the way you approach. For example, if an enemy camp is surrounded my cliffs, waterfalls or a bridge, you can make use of them too. If sneaking into the camp doesn’t work with your current set of skills, you can use your bike to drive up all the way to the bridge, and take them out with a sniper rifle. But then again, you need to have necessary resources to adapt. If you don’t have a sniper, going to the bridge is of no use. Putting your resources and skills to right use greatly changes your way of approach.

Extra : Enemy Snipers Can Do PPT presentations

Well, what do you expect? You don’t have a white board in a forest. You only have trees. So let’s do a business presentation with these trees, by swaying the pointer in all directions.

That’s how bad the enemy snipers are. You really can’t be any worse than them.

Coming back to the info, you can find a video below that explains these factors through a short game-play.


Experience Never Seen Before Logic, Patience And Emotion With The New Features Of God Of War

Experience Never Seen Before Logic, Patience And Emotion With The New Features Of God Of War

Sony’s E3 conference was a massive hit due to its exclusive games. One such exclusive that stood out from the rest, was God Of War. Its announcement trailer raised many an eyebrow in awe and surprise, as a result of the addition of new elements to the game.

The story goes that Kratos now lives in a distant land, far away from his home. Once driven by rage and vengeance at the loss of his family, he tries to make amends with his past by raising his son Atreus. This gist aside, God Of War has roped in other features that are worth analyzing.

Atreus Is On His Own


There will be no escort missions involving the dad and the son. Kratos needn’t protect his son in any scenario. Atreus will be playing an active role in many missions, and will also be helpful enough to provide some aid during the game.

One such active role of Atreus, is when he helps his dad defeat a monster. In that fight, Kratos launches a flurry of axe swings at the monster, but to no avail. This is where Atreus jumps in. Knowing the situation at hand, he climbs to its shoulders, and distracts it from its defensive stance. This enables the axe blows to have a positive effect. However, the final blow to the monster is done by the son instead of the father. This attack isn’t automated and the player would need to take control of Atreus for that short period of time.

The “Axe” Effect


This time Kratos has left his chain-swords behind, and has adopted a mighty axe. The reason for this change of weaponry goes along with the story. Since he is trying to make peace with his past, he decided to shed every bit of memory he had about him. The result of which is a changed personality, a full grown beard, and the replacement of the blades of Athena. Though the weapon has changed, the combat hasn’t. Kratos will not be having the same range of attack that he had with his blades. However, the axe will be helpful to land direct and effective hits.

A Nuanced World That Demands More Than Just Brawling


The trailer shows Kratos face-to-face with a giant serpent. In any other God Of War game, Kratos would begin a huge brawl, by swinging his blades in all directions. However in this scenario, a conversation happens between them. It looks like they both had to form an uneasy alliance for a common purpose. This is a sign that the game is going to require Kratos to adapt another strategy than the usual ‘seek and destroy’ method. There are going to be certain areas, where Kratos needs to navigate in a different way than just rely on his berserker skills. But no one knows if he would stick to his new strategies for a long time, as there is a saying that ‘Old Habits Die Hard’.

The Finisher Is Going To Be Done By The Player

The previous God Of War games had a cinematic moment for every final take-down or finishing blow. However, those moves didn’t require the players to smash the controller buttons. The 2018 version will also have final take-downs, but will require the players to do a combo skill set. There are specific keys for specific attacks. The players need to combine them into a combo, and perform them with right timing, to execute the finisher.

That being said, these aren’t the only new features available in the new God Of War game. There would be many more to come, before the final game releases next year.


Red Dead Redemption 2’s Screenshots Reveal More Than Just The Game. Read On!

Red Dead Redemption 2’s Screenshots Reveal More Than Just The Game. Read On!

Recently, we got the news that Rockstar Games will postpone Red Dead Redemption 2’s release to spring 2018. In addition to that, we got to see a few in-game screenshots. If you haven’t seen them yet, check out our earlier post.

Ever since the screenshots were revealed, fans have been analysing those images with great sense of alertness. So did my team and we found out certain hidden clues in these pictures, which might hint at certain information about the game.

Red Dead Redemption 2’s Main Protagonist


This character is the most prominently featured cowboy. You can see him present in almost all of the revealed screenshots. Though he might not be the only playabale character, he seems to be the person around whom most of the story revolves. His bulky outlook might point him down to be Dutch van der Linde, the leader of Marston’s gang in the last game. However, we are unsure about this.

Dual Wielding Different Weapons


When you take a closer look at those guns in his hands, they are two different ones. This could mean, that the game would allow us to wield two different weapons in combat. Although it is hard to tell what those guns really are, we could narrow down the options to a Colt SAA and a Smith and Wesson Model 3.

The Timeline Falls In The Late 18th Century


The guns we mentioned above was mostly used in the years 1873 to 1892, and 1869 to 1915. The images show telegraph poles and steam trains, which also date back to the late 1800s.

We Might Return To Blackwater Again


In the left corner of the image, right above the head of the seated man, you would see the letters B,L and C. It clearly suggests the name ‘Blackwater’, with one of the pillars blocking the letter A inbetween L and C.  Blackwater is a famous location from the previous Red Dead Redemption game, which also suggests that the timeperiod might be even earlier.

These were the things that my team were able to make out from these images. However, there might be more to it than what meets the eye. These fine hidden details increases the anticipation towards the game, as we speculate on what to expect out of Red Dead Redemption 2.


Middle Earth Shadow Of War’s New Trailer Is Every Reason To Look Forward For It

Middle Earth Shadow Of War’s New Trailer Is Every Reason To Look Forward For It

If you haven’t yet read about Shadow of War’s new and improvised Nemesis system, read it here. Instead of having a fixed game-flow, the Nemesis system will look to provide spontaneous storylines that are based on the decisions you make during the game.

It’s also expected to solve the open world problems, which would involve balancing the gameplay and duration of interactions with the people and structures of the open world. Adding to these massive improvements in terms of storyline and gameplay, Shadow of War will have impressive visuals too. A new trailer has been released apart from the gameplay footage, to show the power of the new visuals.

Take a look at it.

6 Reasons To Feel Excited About The Next Assassin’s Creed Game

6 Reasons To Feel Excited About The Next Assassin’s Creed Game

The latest news that we had on Assassin’s Creed, is that it is going to be titled as ‘Origins’. The location is to be set in Egypt and will have two main characters. The first image from the game surfaced online on Reddit, and it revealed one of the characters sailing a boat on a river. The gamers believe it to be, the river Nile.


These titbits about Assassin’s Creed Origins has created a wave of excitement among its fans. But, if you think these are the only details that we can chew on, I got some news for you. There are more information on this game, to feel excited about.

Origins Is Being Made By The Team Which Made Black Flag


Earlier, Black Flag’s director Ashraf Ismail stated that Egypt will be an interesting setting for the next AC game and he and his team were working on an unannounced project. Just as expected, the next game is set in Egypt and is titled as Origins. A reddit poster too, confirmed this piece of information.

While Black Flag had more stuff to do with the waters, Origin might focus more on the sands of the desert, especially the pyramids.

Meanwhile, The Action Will Continue In The Modern Days


Origins will boast 21st century assassination action sequences. Though Desmond isn’t with us anymore, the battle will rage on in the present day, in one form or the other. These sequences will involve the modern day world, buildings, weapons, people and structures. An assassin who is a deadly sniper, would seem to be the highest possibility of being our protagonist. Air assassinations will have an entire different meaning now. The very thought of it, boils the blood in excitement.

Many Historical Time Periods


This is an interesting addition to the game. Designing and managing the environment for many timelines of the same location is hard. The game’s sequences have to be organised in the right manner, so the timelines shift with the flow of the story. With the location being an Egyptian city, it will be a wonder to see how the developers represent that place under different timelines. Will they stick to their imaginations or will they extract details from the history itself? Only time will tell.

Open World Like Skyrim

The focus will be more on exploration unlike any other Assassin’s Creed game. This would mean, that you can wander about and play as much as you want, without worrying just about the objectives. Ubisoft promises to offer an Egyptian open-world, which would be comparable to one of those made by Bethesda. If that is the case, it’ll open wider options to carry out an assassination. It’ll also be interesting to see, how we could put the open world’s environment to good use for our assassination attempts.

We Cannot Avoid Boats And Waters


This is totally expected out of the AC4 team. With Black Flag focussing primarily on naval battles, Egypt will also have boats and fights to be made on the mediterranean sea. However, it would be insightful to see, how far these naval battles would go. There might be additional changes to the gameplay and fighting styles, with different attacking weapons and exploring the ship’s hull for more options to defend.

Origins Will Run On An Updated Version Of Anvil Engine


Most of the AC games have been running on the Anvil game engine. Unity and Syndicate were the only ones that ran on the next version, AnvilNext 2.0. Going a step further, Origins will run on a further upgraded engine and will look to deliver twice as much as Unity or Syndicate. Graphics, sounds, gameplay and every other possible detail might change in a bigger way. It looks like we’re up for one amazing experience with Origins.

The excitement is real, with more information playing out on this game. We can expect a lot more, before the game officially releases. For AC fans who are tired of seeing the usual, Origins would look certainly look to prove otherwise with the addition of the mentioned changes.






The Absolver Game Is A Combo Of Dark Souls And Destiny. Here’s How..

The Absolver Game Is A Combo Of Dark Souls And Destiny. Here’s How..

Dark Souls and Destiny are well-known for their unique styles of combat and gameplay. A gamer who is a fan of both of them, would tend to imagine the resultant of a game, where Dark Souls and Destiny come together. One such game is Absolver.

So, you might ask, “What do you have to support your statements?”

Watch this new trailer.

How’s it like Dark Souls?

When you explore the ruins of the Adal empire in the game, you’ll have to come up against other players. While you engage in a fight with your opponents, the melee combat system rewards positioning and balancing stamina consumption. As you go on to win the duel, you’ll permanently receive the attack XP you earned from their fighting style, potentially learning one of their moves. But if you lose, those learned skills will float away like squandered souls.

How about Destiny?

Unlike the previous scenario, you don’t always have to fight the players you run into. Instead, you can team up together for a bigger purpose or a common goal. Speaking about “teaming-up”, Absolver has dedicated arenas for players who want to team up for PvP battles. Notice that this is a strong resemblance to Destiny’s ‘The Crucible’. On the other hand, there are co-op dungeons for players who would want to fight NPC opponents as a team. This would resemble Destiny’s ‘Strikes’. Apart from that, the trailer shows the mentor/student system. It is a way for the skilled players to teach the newbies about the game. This system already exists as a part of the Destiny community.

But, Is Absolver Unique?

The answer is yes. Though it does boast certain similarities to Dark Souls and Destiny, it’s feel and look is totally unique. The most unique of them all, is the type of combat used. It inherits many martial arts moves and the fights highly depend on a massively customizable stance-based combat system. Absolver can be listed under one of the best current-gen fighting games.

If you are looking forward to playing this game and test your kung-fu skills, Absolver will be available PC and PS4 on August 29 this year.

When The Last Of Us Director Interviews Guerilla Games Director…

When The Last Of Us Director Interviews Guerilla Games Director…


When two big names in the industry come together, it creates a wave of epicness. That is exactly what happened, when The Last Of Us director Neil Druckmann and Guerrilla Games’ managing director Hermen Hulst, discussed about the development process of Horizon Zero Dawn.

Horizon Zero Dawn received excellent ratings in every department and proved to be the best open world adventure game. If you had played it, you will be curious to know the making of such an awesome game. This video released by Sony, will help you understand how the game turned out to be.

Druckmann posts lot of questions to Hulst, as they talk about the difficulties that faced by the studio to make the transition from a first person shooter to an open world adventure theme. Hulst also tells about the origin of idea behind the character Aloy.

Speaking of Aloy, the character was created by the combination of the work done by three people. Her face was inspired by the Dutch actress, Hanna Hoekstra. Well, I can certainly see a strong resemblance. Aloy’s voice was given by the American actress Ashly Burch, while her motion capture was done by a parkour athlete. From these information, we can see the total effort put by the team to create a character of perfection. It represents dedication, and this dedication has been appreciated in the form of positive reviews and sales worldwide.

Coming to the game’s combat, it seems machine guns were the weapons to be used in the game. But, it was later changed to bow and arrow type of combat owing to obvious reasons. I would have been pissed off, if machine guns were actually used in the final game. It would certainly be weird, when a land filled with tribal people, would boast machine guns. Though, as per the mechanics, having machine guns are a possibility, it wouldn’t suit the story line or gameplay. Hence, the developers made the right choice of implementing bows and arrows, in the place of guns.

With Horizon Zero Dawn setting up a new bar for open-world games, all video game developers have a new challenge, to provide a better game than Zero Dawn.

From Soldiers To Players – Battlefield 1’s Glitch Nightmares

From Soldiers To Players – Battlefield 1’s Glitch Nightmares

It is often said, that soldiers on the battlefields have nightmares about the wars. But, none would have guessed it’ll have the same effect on Battlefield 1’s players too. A quite popular glitch in the game is inflicting such horrific experiences for the gamers. It is all because of a violent plunge of a player, across the map.

Check out this gif.


Initially, the player is seen in a cloud of yellow fog. This might be due to the gas grenade. Once out of the fog, a target is seen at the top of a cliff. At the first zoom in, there is just that one target. But, at the first zoom out, another man is seen standing beside the previous one.

To clear the doubts, the player zooms in again for the second time and doesn’t find the standing man on the cliff. Then, a third zoom in finds the standing man still visible, unlike the first two attempts. But, a third zoom out pulls the targeted man straight back at the player. The target is seen shooting through the air, in an unexpected turn of events, and he stabs the player for the kill.

Any person playing this part of the game in the depths of the night, all alone, would have certainly felt an increase in their heartrates.

The simple explanation is that the figure on the ridge, lagged a bit and the server readjusted their position, but there are several inconsistencies. However, since there is no official explanation of the glitch from DICE, players are filled with doubts and questions for the frequent occurence of this glitch.

Battlefield 1’s greatest advantage over other FPS, is its visual features. DICE went to the extent of creating a mode called Fog of War, to provide a fog based gameplay experience for the players. But, many feel that DICE literally took the Fog of War to the next level by implementing scary moments like these.

Lighter moments aside, DICE has to address this glitch soon and let the players feel safe again.



Here Are All The Technical Details You Should Know On Project Scorpio

Here Are All The Technical Details You Should Know On Project Scorpio

Recently, Digital Foundry was invited by Microsoft for an exclusive preview on the technical details of the next Xbox console, Project Scorpio. The technical specs revealed are just expected numbers to be delivered at the console’s launch and doesn’t represent the final product. The reason behind it, is Microsoft’s aim is not just about performance, but also to push the quality of the console design to the next level.

The Highlights

Microsoft set a design target for Project Scorpio at last year’s E3 event and has achieved it by combining smart design with horsepower, to result in a performance that boasts six tera-flops. This was achieved by pairing the GPU with 12GB of GDDR5 memory and a custom eight-core CPU and entire setup is housed in a compact body with integrated power supply.

Performance-wise, they did a remarkable job when Forza Motorsport demo was able to run at an easy 60FPS in native 4K and also at Xbox One equivalent settings. This will only lead to prove, that Scorpio will have some power left to focus on more visual improvments, while it still hits the native 4K target. Microsoft is also addressing the 1080p users, to make sure all game modes are available to them.

The Technical Specs Of Project Scorpio

Let’s compare the specs between Scorpop, Xbox One and PS4 Pro.

  Project Scorpio Xbox One PS4 Pro
CPU Eight custom x86 cores clocked at 2.3GHz Eight custom Jaguar cores clocked at 1.75GHz Eight Jaguar cores clocked at 2.1GHz
GPU 40 customised compute units at 1172MHz 12 GCN compute units at 853MHz (Xbox One S: 914MHz) 36 improved GCN compute units at 911MHz
Memory Bandwidth 326GB/s DDR3: 68GB/s, ESRAM at max 204GB/s (Xbox One S: 219GB/s) 218GB/s
Hard Drive 1TB 2.5-inch 500GB/1TB/2TB 2.5-inch 1TB 2.5-inch
Optical Drive 4K UHD Blu-ray Blu-ray (Xbox One S: 4K UHD) Blu-ray

As you can see, Scorpio tops in every aspect of the game. The amount of deep research put behind it is overwhelming.

Hardware Aspects – How And Why


For 4K resolution, textures will be larger and subsequently, the render targets will be larger as well. Hence, more space and bandwidth are requried. For this purpose, Microsoft implemented the SoC design with AMD architecture.

The core of the Scorpio console comprises of the new System On Chip (SoC) design, which involves all the hardware components integrated on to a single chip. The SoC is the state-of-art of micro and nano technology today, and has already been implemented in the Scorpio. This architecture will allow more space to house more chips, and hence multiple GPUs and memory components. The result of that is improved frame rates, increased memory, bandwidth and higher clock speed. Scorpio has a 384-bit GDDR5 interface, that uses 12 32-bit channels, allowing the frequency to run at 6.8GHz and offering a amazingly high bandwidth of 326GB/s, thereby achieving the 4K.

Backwards Compatibility

Aside from the bandwidth, Scorpio comprises of eight cores, organised as two clusters with a total of 4MB of L2 cache. This will enable the Scorpio’s CPU to run at 2.3GHz, which is an ultimate attempt to still maintain the backwards comaptibility with Xbox One and Xbox One S while pushing up the performance limits.


Hardware Off-load

While there is a significant hardware off-loading due to the SoC, the audio processor in Xbox One is fully transplanted across to Scorpio and is set to receive support for Dolby Atmos for gaming, Dolby Atmos for headphones plus a Microsoft proprietary format called HRTF. Another advantage of hardware off-loading is the speed of instructions, that are executed. Generally, the GPU consumes thousands of instructions from the CPU on what has to be drawn on screen. With Scorpio’s hardware offload, any draw call can be executed with just 11 instructions, and just nine for a state change. This will cut the CPU render to half of its original amount. The result due to this, is greater communication between CPU and the graphics unit, enabling a smoother visual experience.

Form Factor And Cooling


The voltages of each of the chips are tuned to optimise them to reach the goals of cooling efficiencies. Adjusting the voltage would mean to get rid of the power wastage in the form of heat loss. Your system heats up due to this reason and Microsoft has found a way to cut short this problem. The technique used is called Horvis method where each chip will have a specific power profile. The usual configurations will involve adopting a single chip size for the entire circuit board. But this method involves resizing the board to match the profiles of the chips. This will reduce the dissipation of power in the form of heat and will keep the system cool.

Games Upscaling

A developer tool called PIX (Performance Inspector for Xbox) was used to run analysis on Scorpio’s GPU.  The analysis data provided by PIX was fed into a hardware emulator, which later revealed the least specifications a game requires to run on Scorpio. These results proved that games, that can run at 900p and above, can easily run at 4K. The most amazing factor behind this information, is that Scorpio’s SoC design and AMD architecture helps the existing titles to scale up to 4K performance. This means, all hardwares which fall under this category, such as CU, clock speed, bandwidth, renders, shader engines and cache size, can be tweaked and configured to meet the 4K performance.

Hence, Microsoft will be able to configure the exisiting Xbox One games to make them playable at 4K on Scorpio.

That being said, it’ll be exciting and interesting to see the stats of the final product. As mentioned earlier, Microsoft will not stop from improvising the specs until the console’s final launch.

What If I Told You, That You Can Use Bananas To Play Dark Souls 3?

What If I Told You, That You Can Use Bananas To Play Dark Souls 3?

Pen is mightier than the sword.

Bananas are mightier than the sword.

Weird, right?

The twitch streamer ‘TheSuperScrubs’ used a bizzare method of using bananas to defeat Dark Souls 3’s bosses, and later documented it on Twitter. The streamer used a banana controller, that works on the mechanism of a Makey Makey system.

The makey makey system splits every possible input signal through a miniature circuit board and directs each of those inputs to a separate fruit, thus making those fruits act as buttons. TheSuperScrubs used 10 bananas and hence 10 varied inputs, which comprise of W, A, S, D, left-click, right-click, space, left ctrl, left alt and one for the mouse’s rolling wheel.

Surprisingly, the streamer had only 16 deaths overall, while using the banana controller. It would have been harder to have lesser deaths even with the usual PC controls. As expected, the social media was skeptical about this, as people claimed that this could be accomplished only by a gamer who is good at Dark Souls 3.

Nevertheless, if it’s stupid and it works, it isn’t stupid.

Let’s just say, the streamer literally went bananas over Dark Souls 3.