Wish To Know About The Hidden Trophies Of Uncharted:Lost Legacy? Follow Me Into A World Of Adventure

Wish To Know About The Hidden Trophies Of Uncharted:Lost Legacy? Follow Me Into A World Of Adventure

Gear up, people! Pack your bags for an incredible adventure! We’re about to enter the world of uncharted, to uncover the lost legacy of a once great nation. When I say adventure, it automatically means there are treasure and rewards too. Well, that’s how the laws of an adventure story worked since day 1.

That being said, I’ll be your guide for today. Remember not to fall back and always stick together!

Uncharted: The Lost Legacy has about 21 hidden trophies. They lie in secrecy across different locations. One might not find it easy to discover them amidst the heat of a battle or completing a task. But I shall now reveal those secrets.

Trophy: The Way Of The Warrior (Gold)


Objective: Make it to the outskirts of Halebidu in Chapter 5 without using a firearm or explosive.
Weapons aside, the stats and treasures shouldn’t be carried over. Hence, the only choice for you is to do stealth take downs; move, hide and attack like a ninja.

Trophy: Getting To Know You (Silver)

Objective: Listen to all optional conversations.
You need to pour in all of your patience for this trophy to be unlocked. There are about 17 optional conversations to listen to. It is advisable to keep a punching bag beside you, so that all the frustration can be focused there. Follow the slogan, “Save controllers”!


Trophy: Si Vis Pacem Para Bellum (Bronze)


Objective: Use every gun in the game.
As the objective says, fire all the available 24 guns at least once. You need to register the shots fired, for the game to recognize your progress. If you miss any of the weapons, you can always unlock them from the Bonus > Weapons menu after you complete the game. Here is the list of those guns.

Desert 5
Micro 9mm
Para .45
Silenced Pistol

Main weapons:
Arrowhead A3c
Carrigan 53
China Lake GL
Harbinger Sniper
Mazur LDR
Mettler M-30
S-12 Shotgun
Spezzotti 12 Gauge
Type 95
US-AN 12 Auto Shotgun

Special weapons (can’t be unlocked from Bonus menu):
DShK – get from an armoured enemy in Chapter 7
Turret – used automatically in Chapter 9

Chapter 2 – Infiltration

Trophy: Drop Me a Line (Bronze)

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Objective: Use all the zip-lines to traverse the city
There are four zip-lines in total. The first one can be encountered at the start of the chapter. Two others can be found during an action sequence towards the end. That leaves us with one more zip-line. You can find it just after the fist fight with three enemies. Go straight ahead when you land on the next rooftop and jump to the neon signs. Then on the next rooftop take the left-hand route through the clotheslines to find the zip-line. When you slide down the final line to end the chapter the trophy will unlock.
Extra fact: Those words on the sign board translate to, “Super market” in the south Indian language of Tamil.

Chapter 3 – Homecoming

Trophy:  Were You Counting? (Bronze)


Objective: Defeat an enemy with the last bullet in your handgun clip.
When you attach the winch to the gate you’ll get ambushed, giving you the first chance to fire your weapon. Don’t rush off to finish the enemy. Wait until you are down to the last bullet, then finish him off with a headshot.

Trophy: 4x4x4 (Bronze)


Objective: Defeat 4 enemies with the vehicle in 20 seconds.
This is the right time for you to apply your GTA skills in Uncharted. You need to use the jeep to run over 4 enemies and defeat them. This objective comes with a time limit and hence you need to search those 4 buffoons and run them over as soon as possible.

Trophy: Now You See Me… (Bronze)


Objective: Break stealth and re-enter stealth successfully
The easier translation for this objective is, ‘showcase your ninja skills’. Break your stealth by taking out the enemies in the flooded area and then the ones in the upper ruins. After that, hide yourself out of sight from the remaining enemies, and wait until you re-enter the stealth mode.

Chapter 4 – The Western Ghats

Trophy: Let’s Not Get Caught (Bronze)


Objective: Drive over the edge in the Western Ghats
OH! I forgot to ask you this important question before we began this adventure. Do you know swimming? I hope it’s not too late to ask thi…
*Hears a huge splash behind me, followed by screams*

Trophy: Stunt It! (Bronze)

Objective: Get 30 seconds of total airtime with the vehicle
This is probably the one thing you would have never expected. You need to fly your jeep for a minimum of 30 seconds. Look for landscapes that can pop your vehicle up into the air. As a word of advice, this isn’t GTA and hence no backpacks. Don’t go about looking for longer jumps and get yourselves killed.

Trophy: Your Prize (Bronze)

Objective: Appreciate the view at the top of the Hoysala Empire
We’ve made it this far in this adventure and we deserve a time-out. Don’t expect a chilled beer and a couch. We’re going to relax by the traditional way of yoga. Get to the Hoysala Tower and climb up to reach the main chamber. Once you open all the doors present there, your map will get updated. Keep moving until you reach the top of the tower and wait for Chloe to finish her dialogue. After that, you can start performing some yoga poses.

Trophy: Token For Granted (Bronze) – Objective: Find a Hoysala token
Trophy: Yas Queen (Silver) – Objective: Find all the Hoysala tokens and obtain the Queen’s Ruby

This is a point where two trophies come together at the same location. Head to the question mark present in the north-east of the map. There’d be a temple called White Monkey Temple. Explore the entire place to begin a side quest for tracking down the Hoysala tokens.

Chapter 5 – The Great Battle

Trophy: Shadow Theater (Bronze)


Objective: Complete the shadow puzzle in 10 moves or less
Now that you’ve relaxed by posing like a Shaolin monk on top of a tower, it’s time to give your brain a real test. The shadow puzzle has three levers to pull on either side. Try imagining them numbered 1 to 3 from left to right as shown. You need to pull these levers in the right order for this to work. But don’t fret. I got you covered as your guide. Here is how the solution goes:
Pull 1: Move Left
Pull 2: Move Left
Pull 3: Move Left
Pull 1: Move Left
Pull 3: Move Right
Pull 3: Move Left
Pull 1: Move Left

Trophy: Marco Po-No (Bronze)
Objective: Play in the water in the dam in Halebidu
Playing around in a dam’s water is one of the long-time cultures of India. This game brings those tiny pieces together, forming a beautiful scenario for the rest of the world to enjoy. To complete this objective, climb to the top of the dam and jump into the water below. Swerve along the dam to reach a pool, where you won’t be swept away by the water’s current.

Chapter 6 – The Gatekeeper

Trophy: Overkill (Silver)

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Objective: Plant multiple C4 charges on the APC at the same time and destroy it with one massive detonation.
Detonation depends on where you place the C4 and your current level. Use the long grasses to move around the place, collecting C4 from crates. Then throw them into the APC and detonate them all at the same time. You need to destroy the APC in the first attempt. If you failed, restart it for another attempt.

Chapter 8 – Partners

Trophy: Cannonball! (Bronze) 

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Objective: Perform an impressive dive from the cliff near the old railroad tracks
Reach the top of the waterfall and slide down the stream. But before the start of the fall, jump left to grab the wall. Climb the wall to the platform above. From there, shoot yourself to the pool below.

Trophy: Shake For Your Fortune (Bronze)

Objective: Ask Skeleseer a question
There will be a grapple point near a railway bridge. Use the rope to swing around and jump on to the ledge ahead. The Strange Skull you collect is a Skeleseer toy. Then examine the skull using the treasures menu.


Trophy: Right Under Your Nose (Silver)


Objective: Destroy the helicopter without defeating any other enemies
Taking down a helicopter requires an RPG. Go to the Bonus -> weapons menu to equip an RPG. Give the helicopter down a couple of heavy shots.

Chapter 9 – End of the Line

Trophy: Here, Catch! (Bronze)


Objective: Destroy a vehicle in Chapter 9 with an explosive
Hold on, guys! We’re almost at the end of the adventure. You can find jeeps driving alongside the train. Throw an grenade into one of those jeeps to destory it.

And with that objective, our great adventure comes to a halt with a big explosion. You’ll have an amazing story to tell after these moments.

By the way, don’t forget the paycheck for guiding you all the way.





A “How To” Guide On The Division’s New Loadout Feature

A “How To” Guide On The Division’s New Loadout Feature

The PTS (Public Test Server) is an amazing addition to a game’s post-launch support. It brings in new updates and fixes, which were suggested or encountered after a game’s initial release. Tom Clancy’s The Divison is one such game that has roped in an amazing feature, during its recent PTS event.

After an year from its release, the game will now boast a “loadout” feature. Initially, the inventory was pretty messed up, with all the weapons, gears and skills scattered around. Many players including me, had a lot of difficulty setting up the right combo of these items for the maximum effect. If you were one of them, you would have pulled your hair out, owing to the exisiting confusion with the loadout.

Therefore, the loadout is a welcomed feature to The Division and is now accessible only by the PC players. Since, the update arrived to the PTS, there might be many tweaks made to this feature, before it releases on other platforms. However, if you are a PC player and have access to The Division’s PTC, here is how you need to use the loadout feature.

PS:- Thank me later.

How To Create A Loadout


Start with equipping your character with the desired weapons and gears. Then, choose the best skills and talents that match with them. These items will form your loadout set. Once you’ve chosen everything you want, jump over to the loadout tab, highlight one of the six loadout slots, and choose to set the loadout. The gear, weapons, skills, and talents will populate the loadout.

How To Use Loadouts


The feature allows you to have six different loadout sets. Therefore, you won’t have any problems in picking the correct combo of the items from your inventory. You can just directly head to the loadout tab and select a particular set that you feel is needed for the situation.

In the PvP or The Last Stand arena, the action is fast paced and you won’t have time to search through the inventory to come up with the right combo. Hence, having the ability to change a character’s loadout will be immensly helpful in winning matches.

How To Update Loadouts


When you wish to change a loadout set, just equip that particular set and go to the inventory to replace the exisiting items in the loadout. Then, go to the loadout screen and overwrite the previous one.

Feel yourself at ease with this feature up and running. You no longer need to be anxious and tensed about switching between gears and weapons.



Here Is How To Begin Dark Souls 3’s The Ringed City DLC

Here Is How To Begin Dark Souls 3’s The Ringed City DLC

The Ringed City DLC is the last piece of content for the game, Dark Souls 3. While players are eager to try out the new content, there might be situations where they might not know where to begin.

There are no menu prompts for the DLCs, and have to be unlocked through a certain process. In Dark Souls 3’s first DLC Ashes Of Ariandel, players need to talk with every NPC to unlock its content. But, The Ringed City has two ways to access it.

Kiln Of The First Flame Bonfire

At the Kiln Of The First Flame area, a second bonfire will be present next to the usual one that transports players in and out of the location. Players will have to defeat the four lords of cinder to unlock this second bonfire and gain access to the DLC.

Ashes Of Ariandel DLC Bonfire

The second way to The Ringed City DLC, is through a bonfire present in the Ashes Of Ariandel DLC area. Players have to defeat Sister Friede and Father Ariandel, which is more challenging than assumed. Apart from defeating them, players need to talk to a painter in the Ashes Of Ariandel area, as a part of the normal playthrough. If both these tasks are successful, a bonfire will appear, providing access to the Ringed City DLC.

The recommended soul level for this new content is 120. So, even if defeating the Soul Of Cinder isn’t required, it is suggested that players gather some extra levels, before taking up this journey.

Good Luck!

Get These Destiny Weapons Before The Age Of Triumph Event

Get These Destiny Weapons Before The Age Of Triumph Event

With Destiny’s Age of Triumph live event just around the corner, Bungie announced that the armor and weapons at each vendor, will get their stats and perks re-rolled every Tuesday as part of the weekly reset.

These perks make some of the weapons, a must-have and can be grabbed a week before the arrival of the live event. Here is a list of weapons that can be picked up right now.

The Palindrome

Place to buy: Cruicble Master
Perks: Truesight IS, Mulligan or Spray and Play, Rifled Barrel, and Rangefinder
With hand cannons becoming the best used weapon for PvsP matches, The Palindrome is one of the most popular archetype of hand cannons in the game, that being the 22 Rate of Fire/81 Impact style. The weapon also comes with a controllable straight up-and-down recoil pattern, which is also perked.

The Wormwood

Place to buy: Future War Cult
Perks: Truesight IS, High Caliber Rounds, Hand Loaded, Hidden Hand
After the february update, sidearms have become equally powerful as the handguns. The Wormwood, in particular has amazing base stats. The perks have aided in higher aim assist, range, and the ability to make opposing players flinch, making it hard for them to return fire effectively.

Event Horizon

Place to buy: Crucible Quartermaster
Perks: ShortGaze SLH10, Grenadier or Spray and Play, Smallbore, Hidden Hand
Event Horizon is the best option for snipers who want to do a counter attack. Its perks like the ShortGaze scope and Hidden Hand increase its aim assist, making it a little more comfortable for players used to those mid-tier Impact rifles.

Angel’s Advocate

Place to buy: Vanguard Quartermaster
Perks: Red Dot-ORA2, Outlaw, Smallbore, Reactive Reload
One of the best weapons got from the Vanguard is the scout rifle and is best used for PvP and PvE. It belongs to the very rare 42 Rate of Fire/38 Impact archetype and is a very rare weapon. Reactive Reload perk grants bonus damage after a kill and Outlaw will allow players to reload quickly.

I’ve shown the route. To do the rest, is in your hands.

Few Tips To Get The Best Experience Out Of Ghost Recon Wildlands

Few Tips To Get The Best Experience Out Of Ghost Recon Wildlands

Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands holds many enjoyable and adventurous moments along the road to exterminating Bolivia’s notorious drug cartel. With the game’s recent release, there are quite a handful of things that the players must know to have an immersive experience.

Don’t Forget The Drone


Ghost Recon Wildlands doesn’t make drones, a mandatory tool to be used. Hence, many players tend to forget its existence all along the game. Using a drone, helps to plan an infiltration attack. Players can strategize their next move, while it scouts around the area spotting enemies and their locations. It also has an optional upgrade of improved battery life and range, which can be used to spy on large enemy zones. Moreover, this little gadget is invisible to the opposition unless it shows itself right before their faces.

Vehicles Have High Endurace


Some players would be afraid to take a drive down the rocky paths, hill slopes and disfigured shortcuts, thinking their stolen vehicle would be damaged. But, that’s not the actual case. These vehicles have a high endurance capacity and will live through almost anything except for gunfire. Even for the gunfire to have an effect, atleast two sets of magazines have to be emptied on them. Hence, don’t be afraid to take your machine for a ride.

Keep Your Eyes On The Minimap


Minimaps show enemy outposts clearly marked on the tiny GPS in the bottom right corner. Hot red and yellow areas are regions that represent enemies, though their exact locations will not be known until the drone is used. The minimap is also great for spotting incoming reinforcements. Members of the cartel are indicated as red, while members of the corrupt Unidad police force, appear as purple.

Go Prone


By holding the crouch button for longer than a couple of seconds, the ghosts can go prone. Aided with proper planning, the prone ability can be used to do assassinations and kills without exposing the ghosts. It is most effective in highlands and tall grasses. Make the most of this ability.

Act Like A Ghost In The Dark


As ghosts, they need to act like one during nightfall and this is where the night vision comes into play. While planning an attack in the dark, it is important to use the night vision to locate and take out the enemies. It is used to kill them while being unnoticed, moving around silent as smoke.

Command The Squad


Rushing into an enemy area will result in the suicide of the entire squad. Ghost Recond Wildlands is a game that promotes team work and strategy instead of arcade gameplay. It’s best to take the time to send the squad mates to specific spots and guide their movements before getting killed while the enemy becomes alert. Therefore, be sure to issue out orders to the fellow ghosts based on the plan of attack.

Make use of these tips and apply them to get the best experience out of Ghost Recon Wildlands.

Zelda : Breath Of The Wild Tips And Hidden Mechanics

Zelda : Breath Of The Wild Tips And Hidden Mechanics

The reason why Breath Of The Wild gathers much attention from the Nintendo fans and other gamers is, the game allows the player to experiment each and everything they come across. It offers much freedom to explore and try different things like crafting tools, feeding meat to the dogs, cooking food in a pot, leviating bombs by attaching balloons to them and many more. Though, these things are basic mechanics, there are quite other things that most Nintendo gamers fail to discover. Here is a list of tips, tricks and hidden mechanics to make the game more interesting and fun to play.

Food Can Be Cooked Anywhere

Do you smell what Link is cookin’?

Wait a sec… Is the Breath Of The Wild, actually the smell of what Link cooks? Mind = Blown!?
Switching back to the topic at hand, not many people know that a pot isn’t necessary to cook food. If Link wants to have it roasted, there are two ways to do it. The first way, is to go to a very hot region like Death Mountain or Gerudo Desert and plant the food to the ground. The very heat of the place will roast or bake it. Link can also start a fire almost anywhere, be it bush, tree or grass and then drop the steak or fruit into the flame and roast it. The reverse holds true for cold environments like the Hebra Mountains, which make the meat cold.

Arrows For Instant Preparation Of Meat

Roasted board or frozen boar?

Using ice arrows on animals, will freeze them and turn into frozen meat, while fire arrows can be used to get roasted meat. Looks like a life hack for Link, who has to survive the wilds.

Rain Plays Spoil Sport

 A bad weather

Rain affects every surface the Breath Of The Wild presents. It makes them slippery and wet and makes it hard for Link to scale them. He will not be able to climb walls and buildings owing to the wet nature. For every few feet he climbs up, he will slip down by a two. To scale down a steep slope on a rainy day, it is better to use the shield to surf on it and glide faster. It works on icy surfaces too like the Gerudo Highlands.

Don’t Be A Good Conductor Of Electricity

I chose the wrong day to explore these lands

If Link thinks rain is the big spoil sport, he could have never been wrong. Even on a blissful day, he can notice sparks in the sky. They are less initially, but eventually grow in numbers. A few seconds later, he would witness his life flash in front of him, feel an explosion and will see himself flying in the sky playing harp. That’s what happens when he carries metal weapons and armor, when a storm comes. They are good conductors of electricity and the lightning will naturally be attracted towards them. Unequip all the metals and wait for the storm to pass.

Horsing Around In A Horse

Let’s take a walk buddy!

The horses in Breath Of The Wild have different qualities like strength, speed, stamina and temperament. Dual-colored horses are slower, have less stamina and have a good temperament. They are easy to mount and ride. On the other hand, solid-colored horses have high stamina and are a little hostile. They would put up a fight, if Link tries to mount them out of the blue. One way to mount them, is to reward them. Rewards not only improves their temperament, but also makes them obey Link without straying around on their own. Pressing L while riding and giving it a nice pat, when it did something you told, will improve the bonding with the horse.

Ghost Bunnies Provide Riches

Ghost Buster!

The wilds will have many light blue colored bunnies, running around among the bushes and grass like ghosts. Hitting them with a weapon, will trigger money dropping out of them. However, these little fellows will go for the escape when they sense Link nearing them. Careful stealth attacks or being fast enough to chase them, are the ways to have a chance to get hands on the money.

Fairies Serve As Guardian Angels

Let’s cheat death

How does the thought of ‘living forever’ sound like? The Great Fairy Fountain will have many fairies hovering around the petals of giant flowers. These fairies will instantly revive Link, when he dies. He can carry a maximum of three fairies at the same time, which means he can literally cheat death. However, catching those fairies is hard, as they are fast. Link will have to sprint or paraglide to catch them, before they scatter and fly off. Good luck with that!

With Breath Of The Wild released just a few days ago, these tips and mechanics will help the gamers to make the most of the game and take the experience a step further.


Tackle The Robotic Beasts Of Horizon Zero Dawn With These Tips

Tackle The Robotic Beasts Of Horizon Zero Dawn With These Tips

While Horizon Zero Dawn’s beautiful open world creates an illusion, that in-game combat is easy, it is actually hard to conquer the mechanical beasts. Although, the controls are quite basic and the weapons interface is concise, there have been problems in planning an effective attack on the complex machines, that show up later in the game. Therefore, here are a set of tips and hidden combat mechanics, to help the players understand the fighting techniques better.

Keep An Eye Out For The Small Icons

See that red mark above its head?

The animoids can sense and notice Aloy’s movements, which is usually represented by a sign above their heads. A yellow sign means ‘alertness’. A robot with a yellow sign, will be alert of its surroundings and will be on guard. On the other hand, a red sign indicates ‘danger’. A machine that carries this sign, has already seen Aloy and will begin to attack her. Most gamers aren’t aware of this and often get caught by the robots, on the act of sneaking up on them.

Always Remain In The ‘Just in case’ Attitude

There is loot everywhere

Every open world gamer will know, what the ‘just in case’ attitude means. The inventories of these gamers will be full of items, either bought or crafted. The reason behind this, is open world games offer much challenges and even the less valuable items may come handy. Similarly, Horizon Zero Dawn’s combat is tough. Hence, storing every possible item or artifact Aloy comes across, is essential. Killing boars, rabbits, foxes, turkeys and other animals in the wild, will provide the necessary stuff, to help her craft traps and weapons, which will be later needed to take down more powerful animoids.

Override Ability Has Two Purposes

An override in progress

The world of Horizon Zero Dawn conceals many high-tech dungeons, called Cauldrons. They offer the codes to override the animoids. Once they are overridden, they will become Aloy’s temporary friends and will aid her in battle against other machines. Apart from being a friend, the overridden robots can be mounted, to travel to distant areas on the map.

Tag The Animoids

Tag and Track

Aloy will find the Focus device in the very early stages of Horizon Zero Dawn. Tapping R3 will bring up a glowing purple sphere around her, and will allow her to tag enemies. Tagged animals can be kept track of, even after the Focus is switched off. They can be tracked through walls, trees, grass and other mediums too. When Aloy is surrounded by a horde of machines, it is easier to get noticed and attacked. Using the track ability, helps Aloy to stay hidden and unnoticed.

Lure And Silent Strike Are Vital Skills

It is all about strategy and stealth

Silent Strike will let Aloy sneak up on smaller robots like Watchers and Grazers, and lets her instantly kill them, as long as they’re not alerted to her presence. Combined with the Lure skill, she’ll be able to whistle and call the closest machine towards her. By setting up trip lines around her, the lured animoid will run straight into the trap and will be gone for good.

Merchants Offer Free Stuff

Free items are always welcome

Horizon Zero Dawn’s open world makes it easier to come across many minor tribal communities. These tribes will have merchants, who will give Aloy a free treasure box. The ‘Treasure Boxes’ tab on the screen will host a variety of resources, she received from the merchants. The contents of the box is randomly generated, but it does provide items that are valuable enough to craft everything Aloy needs. Sometimes, they might contain the goodies that Aloy is already looking for. Hence, the treasure box needs to be checked before doing any trade.

To sum it up, look out for icons, collect everything possible, override the machines, tag and track, use lure and silent strike skills and finally, don’t turn down the free stuff from the merchants. With the machines in Horizon Zero Dawn being hard to tackle, the application of these six combat mechanics and tips will definitely save Aloy and the gamers, a lot of trouble.

Experience The World Of Horizon Zero Dawn – The Review

Experience The World Of Horizon Zero Dawn – The Review

A mysterious past, an unknown future and an enigmatic present is what describes the scenario in the world of Horizon Zero Dawn. If one gets a chance to be there, they would certainly say, that it is a perfect combination of primitive life and futuristic technical advancements. Such, is the balance achieved in the game. It also brings up a puzzling question, on the existence of two opposites of life in the same time frame. This question becomes the backbone of the entire story of Horizon Zero Dawn.

Fast forward by a thousand years, tribals thrive in a precarious condition where the foretold technical advancements run wild in the wilds. They aren’t humanoids with super A.I, but are animoids. They roam free in the jungles and snowy mountains in the form of gigantic boars, crabs and dinosaurs. While the co-existence between the tribes and these animoids seems impossible,  the tribes have their own co-existential crisis within their community, by outcasting some of the people. The protagonist Aloy is one of the outcasts.

Less does she know, that a different destiny awaits her

Born and raised primitive, Aloy finds it hard to comprehend and accept technology into her life. As she comes across the animoids, she becomes curious and feels the need to uncover the secrets of the past of her tribe and her world. She ventures to the farthest areas of the land, while facing different challenges which demand both physical and mental prowess. Along her journey, she sees herself gaining maturity, confidence, knowledge and courage, as she discovers new technical artifacts and learns how to use them to destroy the animoids and to gather information about the past.

The open world offers more than expected

Though the story turns out to be good, the gameplay and combat steal the show in the end. At the beginning, Aloy has just a bow and arrows. But down the road, she gains access to elementally charged bolts, slingshots that lob explosives, and an assortment of traps that can surprise or constrict the animoids.

Switching between her tools during a fight is made easy, by a weapon wheel that opens with the tilt of the right analog stick and slows down time to give Aloy a moment to plan her next move. She can still jump, run or dodge while the wheel is open. This aspect of the game sounds more sensible and provides a different perspective to a third-person combat.

Aloy can also do a 360 degree, jump and turn attack, delivering a critical blow. The exciting part is, the draw and aim of the bow is made into a slo-mo. She also does the same 360 degree jump and turn move while roping down from the top of a tall animoid dinosaur.

Job done there. Time to leave

Defeating each of the animoids gives Aloy, the access to metal shards and other valuable items. She can also find natural items that lie dormant and hidden in the wide lands. Gathering these resources, helps her to craft her own weapons. Although, she is provided with the option of choosing between melee and ranged weapons, there is hardly any use of the melee. The only close-combat weapon she holds is a spear and it comes with a disadvantage too; Aloy cannot block with her spear. This puts her at a dangerous position against enemies and the effect from the spear attacks is considerably less.

The open world and its components are skillfully crafted, to aid for a more logical combat. Aloy is made to use the natural resources around her to guide her in battle and not just rely on her physical abilities. Rocks, mountain walls, tall grass, trees and river water are some of them. The real thrill lies in the process of using them, to take down the mechanical beasts.

I want to ride that one!

Speaking about these beasts, they range from turtles and horses to T-rex and velociraptors. Exploring the wild more and progressing deeper into the game, brings Aloy face to face with animoids with increasing complexity. To handle them, she needs to use her new-found advanced device called Focus. It helps her to see the vital points on a robot, that glow in yellow. Hitting these points will remove a part of their armor, making them more vulnerable.

However, as told earlier, robots with high complexity are powerful and high-paced. It’ll be hard to use Focus on them, while they try to run rampant on Aloy. This is the time, the natural resources of Horizon Zero Dawn come into play. Being mechanical bots, they are easily vulnerable to electric shocks and explosives. Setting up electric trip lines between a couple of trees or rocks and luring them into it, is one of the game’s most used tricks to blow them up. Tall grass is the next sought resource for stealth attacks, which involve setting up traps and hurling explosives while being unnoticed. Though, these are the usual methods to defeat the robots, there is an unusual way too. It is possible to disarm an enemy and use their own weapon against them. Aloy’s weapons and attacks are already sufficient, but who doesn’t like a glorious take down with laser beams?

Shhhh!! I got to Focus

The game doesn’t make it mandatory to kill every animoid Aloy sees. It also provides an option to tame them. As obvious as it is, animoids are pre-programmed. Hence, their programs can be overridden. There are many alien-like constructs that stay hidden in the ground. The hearts of these constructs contain a device that provides the codes for overriding the machines. To do this, she has to sneek behind them and stick that device in one particular area in their body. The device will inject overriding codes into the machines which will eventually make them non-hostile. Once they are tamed, Aloy can ride them to cover larger ground in short time, which comes handy when travelling. However, one point to be noted is that, certain machines of heavy complexity cannot be overridden. They can only be defeated by battle.

You will soon be my pet!

Horizon Zero Dawn’s open world makes it easy to find many tribal settlements. These tribes comprise of merchants and side quest-givers. Side quests doesn’t add much value to the game, as larger part of gaining the experience and knowledge lie in the main quest. Apart from weapons, Aloy can also brew health potions and other valuable items. She can trade these items from her inventory with those merchants. But, the problem with the inventory is, it takes a lot of time to scroll through the items. The open world gamers tend to store more potions and weapons in their inventory because of the ‘Just in case…’ attitude. Hence, it would end up being a drag to read through each and every item and then decide which to keep and which to sell. For a game that manages to handle complex systems in real-time, it’s odd to see something as basic as inventory management feel unhandled.

Now, talking about game detailing, Horizon Zero Dawn’s open world is carefully forged with accuracy. From the light shimmering off the metal robots and the water, to the moon’s dim light filling up an area in the wilds, the game boasts some of the best extensive detailing. Blades of grass and leaves of trees dance like a wave, with the wind gently brushing through them. Vegetation and flora, along with protrusions of the earth’s crust like cliffs, mountains and rocks, make up  the beautiful world of Horizon Zero Dawn.

With that note, it is safe to say that this is by far the best open world game to have ever been produced. Play as Aloy and experience the wildlands and the beautiful landscapes of Horizon Zero Dawn through her eyes.


  • Amazing combat physics
  • Beautiful landscapes and detailing
  • Imaginative animoid designs
  • A perfect balance of natural and technological components
  • An impactful Character development


  • User interface is a bit inefficient
  • Inventory access becomes difficult
  • Melee mechanics are less programmed

Rating : 9/10


Struggling with For Honor’s Duel Mode? Read this and get better

Struggling with For Honor’s Duel Mode? Read this and get better

In a game that demands skill and mastery over your choice of warrior and weapons, it is imperative to prepare before and adapt during a duel. There will be no help from other players or friends. It all comes down to you and your mastery on your chosen warrior. So, if you don’t want to get rekt, follow these tips and ideas.

Choose a suitable warrior

Two factors come into play:

  • The warrior’s style of combat
  • Your style of play

Some of you might like being patient and striking with tactics, while some might like to go all out regardless of the consequences. Either way, your style of play must match with the style of combat of the warrior you choose. This is a very important concept because you aren’t going to win any match by choosing the Kenshi (a samurai), and going rogue on your opponent with a berserker kind of play. If you do that, you will last only a few seconds and will see yourself excellently executed. This is the main reason why you need to master one warrior at a time instead of trying them all out.


Master your chosen warrior

After you have chosen your suitable warrior, master them by playing against bots or friends through a custom match. Initially, perform duels with bots or your friends through a custom match. This way you can get to learn to use your chosen warrior the right way without any anxiety. This will also be a platform for you to time your blocks, parry, evasion and deadly heavy attacks. Timing is key in a duel, else you will provide your opponent a big opening for them to cut you down.

Know your enemy

Not many For Honor guides tell you this, but I will. In a duel, it is important to know your enemy and their style of combat. Let me explain.


Each warrior will have an advantage over the other warriors through their style of combat and weapons they use. An example can be a fight between a Raider and a Peacekeeper. While Raiders are strong and have a huge blade, Peacekeepers are agile assassins. So, this presents us two perspectives:

  • The Raider’s advantage over the Peacekeeper.
  • The vice versa.

Talking ’bout the first perspective, the Raider has 3 signature moves. They are the carry and throw combo, a complete defensive stance and a 360 degree swing of the blade. The peacekeeper is comparably far weaker in strength and in addition to that, the defensive block lasts only a few seconds. A big monstrous parry and one mighty blow with his blade are all that takes for the Raider to pummel the Peacekeeper straight to hell.

The second perspective brings us the Peacekeeper’s pop and stab move, which is quick and comes handy if done from behind. This can be followed with another heavy attack or a series of light attacks. The Raider’s heavy body and weapon makes it harder for him to move around. Hence, A proper evasion and strike combo will be essential in taking down the Raider.

Hence it is important to know your enemy to take advantage of their weakness and make it your strength. You get the point.

Manage your surrounding locality well

This goes down to 2 factors again:

  • Hazardous surroundings
  • Non-Hazardous surroundings

Speaking of hazardous, some maps will have deep pits with spikes, while some will have rivers and some will have high cliffs. Whichever it is, you need to make full use of it and try to push your opponent over for the direct kill. To do this, you must use your combat skills to corner your opponent near a cliff or a bridge and then do a light bash or a heavy attack which will send them off balance.


Coming to non-hazardous, these are rocks, trees, walls and stairs present in the map. Know that if you get cornered against a rock or a tree, it is hard to come out of a beating that’ll follow. Make sure you don’t get caught there and also try to corner your opponent likewise. Cornering can be done easily with heavy warriors like the Raider. One of Raider’s moves is to bash and carry the opponent all the way to hell. Well, it is either a wall or a rock or a tree technically.

Stance is important


Having a proper stance is key when it comes to defending or tricking your opponent for a counter attack. Practice this a lot when you master your chosen warrior. The stance differs between every warrior and you need to execute them well to take advantage over your opponent.

Don’t bash the keys

A final word of advice will be to learn the controls properly. In the midst of a match, due to the intensity and anxiety that lingers, you will tend to bash the keys trying to do whatever it takes to kill your opponent. The mentality would be just like playing a racing game; if you press the acceleration key harder, the faster the car moves. Never do that with this game and learn to apply the controls with proper timing.

And so, there we have it. Your tips and guide to dominate a duel match. Make sure to understand each of the concepts I provided here and put it to full use.

An FPS gamer’s infinite dream: collectible weapons

An FPS gamer’s infinite dream: collectible weapons

Infinite warfare has taken Call of Duty to a new dimension with battles in the interstellar level. There would be expectations about using different weapons that was never known before. Well, in this case you will not be disappointed. Here is a list of weapon collectibles you can use in the game. Thank me later..

Under the main mission: Black sky

1. Karma 45(SMG)

This collectibe is available when you take up the first main mission, Black Sky. After taking out the two SDF troopers in the front of your ship, jump out to find the karma lie on the ground. Use it to show the enemies that ‘karma is a bitch!!’


2. Volk (Assault)

Assault rifles have an extensive use than other guns. They are good for close range and medium range combats. Volk will be present to the left of the ship once to step outta it. One of those troopers dropped it, when they were sent to hell by you. Now it’s yours.


3. EMC (handgun)

There isn’t any specific location to find this one. It appears at random spots and is not easy to find. You be the sherlock holmes in finding an EMC for you.


4. K-Bar 32 (assault)

This rifle can be found on the ground once you open the gates to Geneva and are about to go through. Behind every success of a man is a woman. It is true, because you will know that you are at the right spot to find the K-bar when Salter passes you a grenade before you pass through the gates. Whatta girl!


5. RAW (LMG)

You need to go through the smog of the huge dust cloud and take down a few robots until you reach the long alleyway. Don’t stop anywhere and get to the other end of it. You’ll find a courtyard with fountain in the middle. A dead soldier will be there beside a wall. The gun will be leaning to that wall. Hey! A fellow soldier must pay respect to the fallen ones. So, don’t forget to do it.


Under the main mission: Operation port armor

6. Torch (heavy)

Destroy some SDF bots in the beginning. Then go on and lift up the door with Salter. Go on to bash down enemies with your shield and then turn left. This time, its close combat with another shield bot. This bot is like a vending machine. You put a bullet into it and it drops a weapon out.


7. Mauler (LMG)

After you reach the airlock, get the broken helmet off your head. You are gonna hurt yourself with that. Well now that you don’t look like a poor man’s soldier, follow the trooper into the armory, head to the scanner and turn left. Enter the room there which will hold the Mauler at the back.


8. Reaver (Shotgun)

The reaver comes along with the mauler. Turn left after finding the mauler. You will come across another rack which will have the reaver.


9. Type-2 (Assault)

Well sherlock holmes, if you were able to find the EMC you should be able to find this one too. This is like a lottery. Keep killing people until the duck drops the golden egg. One of the enemies who you kill will be carrying this weapon.


Under the side mission: Operation taken dagger

10. R3K (Assault)

Assault the outer part of the SDF ship. Blast the shit outta the ship and enter it like a boss. Head across to the room to the left once you entered it. It’ll have many racked weapons. One of them will be the R3K.


11. DCM-8 (Handgun)

The DCM lies very near to the R3K. Move to the right after collecting the R3K. The stack will have the DCM-8 in it.


12. P-LAW(Special)

This is some epic shit that even an armor will be of no use. You can just go on a killing spree with the same gun like Rambo. Find it at the end of the armoury with the conveyer belts full of missiles. Break through the door and you will find it on the table.