Wish To Know About The Hidden Trophies Of Uncharted:Lost Legacy? Follow Me Into A World Of Adventure

Wish To Know About The Hidden Trophies Of Uncharted:Lost Legacy? Follow Me Into A World Of Adventure

Gear up, people! Pack your bags for an incredible adventure! We’re about to enter the world of uncharted, to uncover the lost legacy of a once great nation. When I say adventure, it automatically means there are treasure and rewards too. Well, that’s how the laws of an adventure story worked since day 1.

That being said, I’ll be your guide for today. Remember not to fall back and always stick together!

Uncharted: The Lost Legacy has about 21 hidden trophies. They lie in secrecy across different locations. One might not find it easy to discover them amidst the heat of a battle or completing a task. But I shall now reveal those secrets.

Trophy: The Way Of The Warrior (Gold)


Objective: Make it to the outskirts of Halebidu in Chapter 5 without using a firearm or explosive.
Weapons aside, the stats and treasures shouldn’t be carried over. Hence, the only choice for you is to do stealth take downs; move, hide and attack like a ninja.

Trophy: Getting To Know You (Silver)

Objective: Listen to all optional conversations.
You need to pour in all of your patience for this trophy to be unlocked. There are about 17 optional conversations to listen to. It is advisable to keep a punching bag beside you, so that all the frustration can be focused there. Follow the slogan, “Save controllers”!


Trophy: Si Vis Pacem Para Bellum (Bronze)


Objective: Use every gun in the game.
As the objective says, fire all the available 24 guns at least once. You need to register the shots fired, for the game to recognize your progress. If you miss any of the weapons, you can always unlock them from the Bonus > Weapons menu after you complete the game. Here is the list of those guns.

Desert 5
Micro 9mm
Para .45
Silenced Pistol

Main weapons:
Arrowhead A3c
Carrigan 53
China Lake GL
Harbinger Sniper
Mazur LDR
Mettler M-30
S-12 Shotgun
Spezzotti 12 Gauge
Type 95
US-AN 12 Auto Shotgun

Special weapons (can’t be unlocked from Bonus menu):
DShK – get from an armoured enemy in Chapter 7
Turret – used automatically in Chapter 9

Chapter 2 – Infiltration

Trophy: Drop Me a Line (Bronze)

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Objective: Use all the zip-lines to traverse the city
There are four zip-lines in total. The first one can be encountered at the start of the chapter. Two others can be found during an action sequence towards the end. That leaves us with one more zip-line. You can find it just after the fist fight with three enemies. Go straight ahead when you land on the next rooftop and jump to the neon signs. Then on the next rooftop take the left-hand route through the clotheslines to find the zip-line. When you slide down the final line to end the chapter the trophy will unlock.
Extra fact: Those words on the sign board translate to, “Super market” in the south Indian language of Tamil.

Chapter 3 – Homecoming

Trophy:  Were You Counting? (Bronze)


Objective: Defeat an enemy with the last bullet in your handgun clip.
When you attach the winch to the gate you’ll get ambushed, giving you the first chance to fire your weapon. Don’t rush off to finish the enemy. Wait until you are down to the last bullet, then finish him off with a headshot.

Trophy: 4x4x4 (Bronze)


Objective: Defeat 4 enemies with the vehicle in 20 seconds.
This is the right time for you to apply your GTA skills in Uncharted. You need to use the jeep to run over 4 enemies and defeat them. This objective comes with a time limit and hence you need to search those 4 buffoons and run them over as soon as possible.

Trophy: Now You See Me… (Bronze)


Objective: Break stealth and re-enter stealth successfully
The easier translation for this objective is, ‘showcase your ninja skills’. Break your stealth by taking out the enemies in the flooded area and then the ones in the upper ruins. After that, hide yourself out of sight from the remaining enemies, and wait until you re-enter the stealth mode.

Chapter 4 – The Western Ghats

Trophy: Let’s Not Get Caught (Bronze)


Objective: Drive over the edge in the Western Ghats
OH! I forgot to ask you this important question before we began this adventure. Do you know swimming? I hope it’s not too late to ask thi…
*Hears a huge splash behind me, followed by screams*

Trophy: Stunt It! (Bronze)

Objective: Get 30 seconds of total airtime with the vehicle
This is probably the one thing you would have never expected. You need to fly your jeep for a minimum of 30 seconds. Look for landscapes that can pop your vehicle up into the air. As a word of advice, this isn’t GTA and hence no backpacks. Don’t go about looking for longer jumps and get yourselves killed.

Trophy: Your Prize (Bronze)

Objective: Appreciate the view at the top of the Hoysala Empire
We’ve made it this far in this adventure and we deserve a time-out. Don’t expect a chilled beer and a couch. We’re going to relax by the traditional way of yoga. Get to the Hoysala Tower and climb up to reach the main chamber. Once you open all the doors present there, your map will get updated. Keep moving until you reach the top of the tower and wait for Chloe to finish her dialogue. After that, you can start performing some yoga poses.

Trophy: Token For Granted (Bronze) – Objective: Find a Hoysala token
Trophy: Yas Queen (Silver) – Objective: Find all the Hoysala tokens and obtain the Queen’s Ruby

This is a point where two trophies come together at the same location. Head to the question mark present in the north-east of the map. There’d be a temple called White Monkey Temple. Explore the entire place to begin a side quest for tracking down the Hoysala tokens.

Chapter 5 – The Great Battle

Trophy: Shadow Theater (Bronze)


Objective: Complete the shadow puzzle in 10 moves or less
Now that you’ve relaxed by posing like a Shaolin monk on top of a tower, it’s time to give your brain a real test. The shadow puzzle has three levers to pull on either side. Try imagining them numbered 1 to 3 from left to right as shown. You need to pull these levers in the right order for this to work. But don’t fret. I got you covered as your guide. Here is how the solution goes:
Pull 1: Move Left
Pull 2: Move Left
Pull 3: Move Left
Pull 1: Move Left
Pull 3: Move Right
Pull 3: Move Left
Pull 1: Move Left

Trophy: Marco Po-No (Bronze)
Objective: Play in the water in the dam in Halebidu
Playing around in a dam’s water is one of the long-time cultures of India. This game brings those tiny pieces together, forming a beautiful scenario for the rest of the world to enjoy. To complete this objective, climb to the top of the dam and jump into the water below. Swerve along the dam to reach a pool, where you won’t be swept away by the water’s current.

Chapter 6 – The Gatekeeper

Trophy: Overkill (Silver)

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Objective: Plant multiple C4 charges on the APC at the same time and destroy it with one massive detonation.
Detonation depends on where you place the C4 and your current level. Use the long grasses to move around the place, collecting C4 from crates. Then throw them into the APC and detonate them all at the same time. You need to destroy the APC in the first attempt. If you failed, restart it for another attempt.

Chapter 8 – Partners

Trophy: Cannonball! (Bronze) 

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Objective: Perform an impressive dive from the cliff near the old railroad tracks
Reach the top of the waterfall and slide down the stream. But before the start of the fall, jump left to grab the wall. Climb the wall to the platform above. From there, shoot yourself to the pool below.

Trophy: Shake For Your Fortune (Bronze)

Objective: Ask Skeleseer a question
There will be a grapple point near a railway bridge. Use the rope to swing around and jump on to the ledge ahead. The Strange Skull you collect is a Skeleseer toy. Then examine the skull using the treasures menu.


Trophy: Right Under Your Nose (Silver)


Objective: Destroy the helicopter without defeating any other enemies
Taking down a helicopter requires an RPG. Go to the Bonus -> weapons menu to equip an RPG. Give the helicopter down a couple of heavy shots.

Chapter 9 – End of the Line

Trophy: Here, Catch! (Bronze)


Objective: Destroy a vehicle in Chapter 9 with an explosive
Hold on, guys! We’re almost at the end of the adventure. You can find jeeps driving alongside the train. Throw an grenade into one of those jeeps to destory it.

And with that objective, our great adventure comes to a halt with a big explosion. You’ll have an amazing story to tell after these moments.

By the way, don’t forget the paycheck for guiding you all the way.





History’s Conspiracy Theories Vs Assassin’s Creed. Read To Know Which Conveys The Truth!

History’s Conspiracy Theories Vs Assassin’s Creed. Read To Know Which Conveys The Truth!

Forget the future! We still have a lot to learn about the history of humanity. For all that we know, many historical events have a lot of controversies surrounding them. Even today, such events are being debated on a global level. Yet, the people are still unsure about the truth behind them; the reason being that the official outcomes of such incidents are laden with conspiracy theories.

Were those conspiracies true? If yes, why did the government issue contrasting statements?. None knows the answers to these questions. We can only assume the reasons behind them.

“Dude, you need to stop smoking weird shit!”, might be your immediate thought.

Well, there is a reason why I began speaking about conspiracies of the past. The legendary video game series, Assassin’s Creed, has a habit of roping in historical events to its story line. Each installment of the series showed historical connections of the highest order. We’ve all seen and played through those events. But, not many of us know that those connections relate to some of the biggest conspiracies.

Don’t worry! This history lesson isn’t going to be boring like school. So, grab your popcorn and get ready!

The “Philly” Experiment Of 1943 Did Happen


The Conspiracy: In October 28 1943, the U.S government conducted an experiment on the naval ship USS Eldridge, in Philadelphia. Their objective was to turn the ship invisible and to do a time travel to the past. That experiment went horribly wrong and resulted with the crew on board embedded to the ship’s metal structure. Besides, there were other claims that before these consequences happened, the ship did disappear from Philadelphia and reappear in Norfolk, Virginia.

Official statement: Such experiments were never conducted.

Assassin’s Creed: The game says the experiment did happen under the order of the Templars. But, the ship didn’t travel back in time. Instead, it traveled forward in time and stayed there for a solid 18 minutes; thanks to a Piece of Eden. However, a mail from Abstergo industries shows that the company decided not to carry out the experiment any further, owing to avert time paradoxes.

Houdini’s Disappearance Act Became Real


Official statement: Going by the records, Houdini’s death was straightforward. He succumbed to inflammation of the abdominal lining and a ruptured appendix in October 1926.

The Conspiracy: Houdini was murdered! The causes of death were too eccentric to think the death happened otherwise. One of the good things about the people of the past is that, they were too skeptical about such proceedings. They weren’t ready to jump to conclusions as we do now. The modern day people readily accept things telecasted by the media.

Assassin’s Creed: Houdini carried a piece of Eden. It allowed him to do all amazing magic tricks, which people thought he did on his own. However, the Templars murdered him to get a hold of the piece of Eden, and had many resources to cover up the incident.

The Curious Case Of JFK


Official Statement: JFK was killed by a lone gunman Lee Harvey Oswald on November 22, 1963.

The Conspiracy: Many believe otherwise. They didn’t incline to the narrow thought process of a single man’s revenge on Kennedy. Considering the political situation of the world in that period of time, they had their doubts laid upon various entities like a mafia group, or the soviets or some black sheep under his presidency.

Assassin’s Creed: The game suggested a rather crazier theory. It seems Kenny had something really important that the Templars wanted. An extraction team was sent to kill him and retrieve the prize. The extraction group included Oswald himself, a videographer Abraham Zapruder, and Kennedy’s own driver. They killed him, and after the assassination, a piece of Eden was used to project a distraction.

The Tunguska Event Was Orchestrated


Official Statements: Back in 1908, a mysterious object exploded right in the middle of Russia. The explosion is said to have floored about 800 miles of forest. It was supposedly caused by a meteor and the entire event was called the Tunguska Event.

The Conspiracy: A sudden explosion in the middle of nowhere? A meteor you say? Well, we didn’t hear any news of a meteor onset nor did we find any evidence of it. These were the thoughts of many theorists. Some of the theories were pointed out at ‘aliens’, ‘a secret bomb testing’ and even a ‘black hole effect’. As if those weren’t the worst theories, a few people claimed it was the work of Nikola Tesla.

Assassin’s Creed: The game backs up the conspiracy that Nikola Tesla did it! Well, he should have probably been pissed off about that thief, Thomas Edison. Actually, it seems the Templars got hold of yet another piece of Eden back in 1908. They took it to a research facility near the Podkamennaya Tunguska River. Assassins received this information and approached Tesla to destroy the facility. Responding to their call for help, Tesla used his wireless power transmitting tower to destroy the facility.

Hitler’s Death Wasn’t A Suicide


Official Statement: Hitler committed a suicide in his military bunker.

The Conspiracy: The people didn’t completely believe the statement and were thoroughly skeptical. Knowing Hitler, he wasn’t the kind of man who would commit a suicide. Hence, this thought was followed by many conspiracies. The most popular claim is that the bodies found in the bunker were doubles and that he and Eva Braun fled for Argentina.

Assassin’s Creed: Hitler did try to escape under the noses of the allied forces. But, he didn’t get too far. The assassin’s tracked him down and killed him while he was on his way out. Schade!

Human Evolution Happened Because Of Aliens

Official Statement: Humans evolved from Apes.

The Conspiracy: Some theories state that aliens came to earth and altered the genome of the homo sapiens. This led way to the belief that the human intelligence was a result of one of those alterations made by the aliens. It even suggests that who we call today as gods, were once aliens who visited this planet.

Assassin’s Creed: Ever wondered how some of the ancient structures were so finely built within a less span of time, with absolutely no advanced technology? Well, as per the game, aliens were the first beings on this planet. They were a telepathic humanoid species known as the First Civilization. But, those aliens needed a bigger workforce to support their society. Hence, they modified the genome of the unsuspecting apes which led to the birth of mankind. The aliens used their technology and the human resources to build those amazing ancient structures. Later, mankind grew tired of being slaves and rebelled against those aliens, chasing them away in the process. The bad part of this is, the advanced technology the aliens brought, was also gone along with them.

That being said, doesn’t this analysis suggest us something? The answer is this.

Considering that the writers of Assassin’s Creed did enough research to back up their claims about history, whatever they have written might indeed be true. Replacing the pieces of Eden with some real-time powerful artifact and replacing the Templars with the so called ‘Illuminati’, all their conclusions on the events look to make some sense. If they are indeed true, we might have been looking at history the wrong way all this time.

But on the flip side, what the writers penned might also be conspiracy theories of their own.

You be the judge!

I really need to stop smoking weird shit! *Grabs a beer, instead* 😛

Experience Never Seen Before Logic, Patience And Emotion With The New Features Of God Of War

Experience Never Seen Before Logic, Patience And Emotion With The New Features Of God Of War

Sony’s E3 conference was a massive hit due to its exclusive games. One such exclusive that stood out from the rest, was God Of War. Its announcement trailer raised many an eyebrow in awe and surprise, as a result of the addition of new elements to the game.

The story goes that Kratos now lives in a distant land, far away from his home. Once driven by rage and vengeance at the loss of his family, he tries to make amends with his past by raising his son Atreus. This gist aside, God Of War has roped in other features that are worth analyzing.

Atreus Is On His Own


There will be no escort missions involving the dad and the son. Kratos needn’t protect his son in any scenario. Atreus will be playing an active role in many missions, and will also be helpful enough to provide some aid during the game.

One such active role of Atreus, is when he helps his dad defeat a monster. In that fight, Kratos launches a flurry of axe swings at the monster, but to no avail. This is where Atreus jumps in. Knowing the situation at hand, he climbs to its shoulders, and distracts it from its defensive stance. This enables the axe blows to have a positive effect. However, the final blow to the monster is done by the son instead of the father. This attack isn’t automated and the player would need to take control of Atreus for that short period of time.

The “Axe” Effect


This time Kratos has left his chain-swords behind, and has adopted a mighty axe. The reason for this change of weaponry goes along with the story. Since he is trying to make peace with his past, he decided to shed every bit of memory he had about him. The result of which is a changed personality, a full grown beard, and the replacement of the blades of Athena. Though the weapon has changed, the combat hasn’t. Kratos will not be having the same range of attack that he had with his blades. However, the axe will be helpful to land direct and effective hits.

A Nuanced World That Demands More Than Just Brawling


The trailer shows Kratos face-to-face with a giant serpent. In any other God Of War game, Kratos would begin a huge brawl, by swinging his blades in all directions. However in this scenario, a conversation happens between them. It looks like they both had to form an uneasy alliance for a common purpose. This is a sign that the game is going to require Kratos to adapt another strategy than the usual ‘seek and destroy’ method. There are going to be certain areas, where Kratos needs to navigate in a different way than just rely on his berserker skills. But no one knows if he would stick to his new strategies for a long time, as there is a saying that ‘Old Habits Die Hard’.

The Finisher Is Going To Be Done By The Player

The previous God Of War games had a cinematic moment for every final take-down or finishing blow. However, those moves didn’t require the players to smash the controller buttons. The 2018 version will also have final take-downs, but will require the players to do a combo skill set. There are specific keys for specific attacks. The players need to combine them into a combo, and perform them with right timing, to execute the finisher.

That being said, these aren’t the only new features available in the new God Of War game. There would be many more to come, before the final game releases next year.


All Game Trailers From The E3 2017 Press Conference

All Game Trailers From The E3 2017 Press Conference

he E3 2017 went live over this past weekend and many new games were revealed since then. For those who wish see the press conference videos, you can watch them at Rain Report’s Facebook page. If you wish to watch just the game trailers alone, we have listed them for you below. So, take a look.

Super Mario Odyssey

Rocket League

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild – Expansion Pass

Fire Emblem Warriors

Metroid Prime 4

Days Gone

Call Of Duty World War 2: Multiplayer Reveal For Ps4

Horizon Zero Dawn: The Frozen Wilds DLC E3 2017 trailer

Uncharted: The Lost Legacy E3 2017 trailer

God of War E3 2017 trailer

Detroit: Become Human E3 2017 trailer

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim VR E3 2017 trailer

Marvel’s Spider-Man E3 2017 trailer

Shadow of the Colossus E3 2017 trailer

Gran Turismo Sport E3 2017 trailer

Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite E3 2017 trailer

Monster of the Deep: Final Fantasy XV – PlayStation VR E3 2017 trailer

Destiny 2 E3 2017 trailer

Beyond Good and Evil 2 – E3 2017 trailer

Skull and Bones E3 2017 trailer

Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle E3 2017 trailer

South Park: The Fractured But Whole E3 2017 trailer

Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus E3 2017 trailer

The Evil Within  2 E3 2017 trailer

Dishonored: Death of the Outsider E3 2017 trailer

Skyrim Switch E3 2017 trailer

Doom VFR E3 2017 trailer

Fallout 4 VR E3 2017 trailer

The Elder Scrolls Online E3 2017 DLC trailer

The Elder Scrolls Legends E3 2017 trailer – Heroes of Skyrim

Quake Champions E3 2017 trailer

Assassin’s Creed Origins E3 2017 trailer

Crackdown 3 – 4K E3 2017 trailer

Forza Motorsport 7 4K E3 2017 trailer

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds – 4K E3 2017 trailer

Metro Exodus E3 2017 trailer

Cuphead E3 2017 trailer

Minecraft – 4K E3 2017 trailer

The Last Night – 4K E3 2017 trailer

Life is Strange: Before The Storm 4K E3 2017 trailer

Star Wars Battlefront 3 E3 2017 trailer

Battlefield 1 In the Name of the Tsar E3 2017 trailer

Need for Speed Payback E3 2017 trailer

A Way Out E3 2017 trailer

FIFA 18 E3 2017 trailer

Madden 18 E3 2017 trailer

Anthem E3 2017 teaser trailer

Middle Earth: Shadow of War E3 2017 trailer

Far Cry 5 E3 2017 trailer

Destiny 2 E3 2017 trailer

NBA Live 18 E3 2017 trailer

The excitement was real with the announcement of these amazing games. The year 2018 is going to bring in a different and an immersive gaming experience, as stated by each personnel who announced their games at the conference. To watch the respective press conferences, check out our Facebook page.


Here Is How Far Cry 5’s Reveal Art Talks A Lot About The Game

Here Is How Far Cry 5’s Reveal Art Talks A Lot About The Game

Welcome to the Hope County, Montana. The location where our latest Far Cry game is being set. A few days ago, Ubisoft released an announcement teaser, that showed glimpses of beautiful sceneries with a touch of mad violence. This makes the teaser more interesting and thrilling to witness.

If you haven’t seen the teaser yet, check it out below.

Following the teaser, Ubisoft presented the teaser art which throws a few things about the game to the light.

This time you’ll need to chase and hunt down a charismatic villian who has a cult. You will get some aid in the form of planes. You can fly around in planes in the process of chasing him down. But first, let’s take a look at the art which has a strong reference to Leonardo Da Vinci’s The Last Supper.


The Leader


This guy in the middle of the picture looks to be the main villian. He is the best groomed man in the group wearing almost everything in gray, including his beard. Though we can’t deduce anything out of the other areas of his body, his neck gives away a thing or two about him. He wears something similar to a black minister’s collar, which are usually white. From the looks of it, we are looking at a man who has his followers bound by certainties and hope, but is very evil at his core.



Let’s take a look at the guy who is seated in Judas’ position in The Last Supper. His eyes show that he is in particular unimpressed with something and reaches his hand out to the leader to demand something for a work he has done. If he is going to don the role of Judas, then he might be a good guy in this situation and an ally for us.

Fighter Planes


There are planes in Far Cry 5 and they aren’t just any plane. They are fighter planes that carry guns and missiles. You can get to know this, if you take a closer look at the pic above. This is a pretty strong teaser for player-controlled planes in Far Cry 5, which would be a step up from the mini-helicopter featured in Far Cry 4.

The Sinner


This captive has “Sinner” written on his back. He has been beaten down to his core and is confined with ropes. A tattoo in his left inner arm reads “Forever” and “Ghost”. Connecting these three words, we can assume that he is either a disgraced former member of this group, or a member of the opposing team who tried to stop this group from carrying out their activities but got caught. We feel the second assumption might be a good possibility than the first one.



Generally in America, there shouldn’t be any other flag allowed to fly other than the stars and stripes. But here we’ve got another one flying, which might represent this group. You can also see a farm to the right going down in flames while flying the american colors. This makes the group’s motives clear. They are either a rebellion group who want vengence or someone who wants the society to change as per their ambitions.

On the 26th of May, Ubisoft will be doing a live worldwide reveal on Far Cry 5. It might show a lot more details on the game and this art. Stay tuned to our facebook page to watch it.

6 Reasons To Feel Excited About The Next Assassin’s Creed Game

6 Reasons To Feel Excited About The Next Assassin’s Creed Game

The latest news that we had on Assassin’s Creed, is that it is going to be titled as ‘Origins’. The location is to be set in Egypt and will have two main characters. The first image from the game surfaced online on Reddit, and it revealed one of the characters sailing a boat on a river. The gamers believe it to be, the river Nile.


These titbits about Assassin’s Creed Origins has created a wave of excitement among its fans. But, if you think these are the only details that we can chew on, I got some news for you. There are more information on this game, to feel excited about.

Origins Is Being Made By The Team Which Made Black Flag


Earlier, Black Flag’s director Ashraf Ismail stated that Egypt will be an interesting setting for the next AC game and he and his team were working on an unannounced project. Just as expected, the next game is set in Egypt and is titled as Origins. A reddit poster too, confirmed this piece of information.

While Black Flag had more stuff to do with the waters, Origin might focus more on the sands of the desert, especially the pyramids.

Meanwhile, The Action Will Continue In The Modern Days


Origins will boast 21st century assassination action sequences. Though Desmond isn’t with us anymore, the battle will rage on in the present day, in one form or the other. These sequences will involve the modern day world, buildings, weapons, people and structures. An assassin who is a deadly sniper, would seem to be the highest possibility of being our protagonist. Air assassinations will have an entire different meaning now. The very thought of it, boils the blood in excitement.

Many Historical Time Periods


This is an interesting addition to the game. Designing and managing the environment for many timelines of the same location is hard. The game’s sequences have to be organised in the right manner, so the timelines shift with the flow of the story. With the location being an Egyptian city, it will be a wonder to see how the developers represent that place under different timelines. Will they stick to their imaginations or will they extract details from the history itself? Only time will tell.

Open World Like Skyrim

The focus will be more on exploration unlike any other Assassin’s Creed game. This would mean, that you can wander about and play as much as you want, without worrying just about the objectives. Ubisoft promises to offer an Egyptian open-world, which would be comparable to one of those made by Bethesda. If that is the case, it’ll open wider options to carry out an assassination. It’ll also be interesting to see, how we could put the open world’s environment to good use for our assassination attempts.

We Cannot Avoid Boats And Waters


This is totally expected out of the AC4 team. With Black Flag focussing primarily on naval battles, Egypt will also have boats and fights to be made on the mediterranean sea. However, it would be insightful to see, how far these naval battles would go. There might be additional changes to the gameplay and fighting styles, with different attacking weapons and exploring the ship’s hull for more options to defend.

Origins Will Run On An Updated Version Of Anvil Engine


Most of the AC games have been running on the Anvil game engine. Unity and Syndicate were the only ones that ran on the next version, AnvilNext 2.0. Going a step further, Origins will run on a further upgraded engine and will look to deliver twice as much as Unity or Syndicate. Graphics, sounds, gameplay and every other possible detail might change in a bigger way. It looks like we’re up for one amazing experience with Origins.

The excitement is real, with more information playing out on this game. We can expect a lot more, before the game officially releases. For AC fans who are tired of seeing the usual, Origins would look certainly look to prove otherwise with the addition of the mentioned changes.






The Absolver Game Is A Combo Of Dark Souls And Destiny. Here’s How..

The Absolver Game Is A Combo Of Dark Souls And Destiny. Here’s How..

Dark Souls and Destiny are well-known for their unique styles of combat and gameplay. A gamer who is a fan of both of them, would tend to imagine the resultant of a game, where Dark Souls and Destiny come together. One such game is Absolver.

So, you might ask, “What do you have to support your statements?”

Watch this new trailer.

How’s it like Dark Souls?

When you explore the ruins of the Adal empire in the game, you’ll have to come up against other players. While you engage in a fight with your opponents, the melee combat system rewards positioning and balancing stamina consumption. As you go on to win the duel, you’ll permanently receive the attack XP you earned from their fighting style, potentially learning one of their moves. But if you lose, those learned skills will float away like squandered souls.

How about Destiny?

Unlike the previous scenario, you don’t always have to fight the players you run into. Instead, you can team up together for a bigger purpose or a common goal. Speaking about “teaming-up”, Absolver has dedicated arenas for players who want to team up for PvP battles. Notice that this is a strong resemblance to Destiny’s ‘The Crucible’. On the other hand, there are co-op dungeons for players who would want to fight NPC opponents as a team. This would resemble Destiny’s ‘Strikes’. Apart from that, the trailer shows the mentor/student system. It is a way for the skilled players to teach the newbies about the game. This system already exists as a part of the Destiny community.

But, Is Absolver Unique?

The answer is yes. Though it does boast certain similarities to Dark Souls and Destiny, it’s feel and look is totally unique. The most unique of them all, is the type of combat used. It inherits many martial arts moves and the fights highly depend on a massively customizable stance-based combat system. Absolver can be listed under one of the best current-gen fighting games.

If you are looking forward to playing this game and test your kung-fu skills, Absolver will be available PC and PS4 on August 29 this year.

Here Are The Call Of Duty: World War 2 Potential Information Leaks

Here Are The Call Of Duty: World War 2 Potential Information Leaks

It’s good news for Call Of Duty fans, as Activision confirmed that the franchise’s next game, World War 2 will be officially revealed at a live stream event on April 26.

Ever since Activision announced the news, fans have been curious to know more about the game before hand. Just as they wished for, a few details on the game have leaked online. One such leak, is that the title will include a new co-operative mode.

The leak was made through an advertisement. It claims that the co-op mode will feature new and original story, and will consist of next-level standalone game experience full of unexpected, adrenaline-pumping moments. Certainly, a standalone co-op mode is a good addition to the monotonous single campaigns. Check out the Ad below.


Apart from the co-op, you will be able to see descriptions about the game’s single and multiplayer modes. The single campaign will look to take the gamers back to the Normandy D-Day landings, to relive those moments again. Meanwhile, the multiplayer mode will offer different locations to choose from, which are based on the world war 2 battles. Apart from that, this mode also suggests intriguing ways to socialize with players in the online community, which will be known once the game releases.

If these valuable information aren’t enough, there is more coming your way. Leaked screenshots have surfaced online, which are taken right out of the Call Of Duty World War 2’s campaign. The images are of low resolution and don’t reveal much about the game. However, it certainly gives a good look at how the campaign would be.

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Finally, to complete the list of COD: WW2 leaks, the advertisement above also shows that the game is set to release on November 3rd 2017. Since, the release date has lost its secrecy, Activision might try to change the release date with a postpone. We have to wait for their official announcement, though.

This space will be updated once the live stream reveal of the game starts on April 26. Stay tuned.

When The Last Of Us Director Interviews Guerilla Games Director…

When The Last Of Us Director Interviews Guerilla Games Director…


When two big names in the industry come together, it creates a wave of epicness. That is exactly what happened, when The Last Of Us director Neil Druckmann and Guerrilla Games’ managing director Hermen Hulst, discussed about the development process of Horizon Zero Dawn.

Horizon Zero Dawn received excellent ratings in every department and proved to be the best open world adventure game. If you had played it, you will be curious to know the making of such an awesome game. This video released by Sony, will help you understand how the game turned out to be.

Druckmann posts lot of questions to Hulst, as they talk about the difficulties that faced by the studio to make the transition from a first person shooter to an open world adventure theme. Hulst also tells about the origin of idea behind the character Aloy.

Speaking of Aloy, the character was created by the combination of the work done by three people. Her face was inspired by the Dutch actress, Hanna Hoekstra. Well, I can certainly see a strong resemblance. Aloy’s voice was given by the American actress Ashly Burch, while her motion capture was done by a parkour athlete. From these information, we can see the total effort put by the team to create a character of perfection. It represents dedication, and this dedication has been appreciated in the form of positive reviews and sales worldwide.

Coming to the game’s combat, it seems machine guns were the weapons to be used in the game. But, it was later changed to bow and arrow type of combat owing to obvious reasons. I would have been pissed off, if machine guns were actually used in the final game. It would certainly be weird, when a land filled with tribal people, would boast machine guns. Though, as per the mechanics, having machine guns are a possibility, it wouldn’t suit the story line or gameplay. Hence, the developers made the right choice of implementing bows and arrows, in the place of guns.

With Horizon Zero Dawn setting up a new bar for open-world games, all video game developers have a new challenge, to provide a better game than Zero Dawn.