From Los Santos to the UK : GTA V

From Los Santos to the UK : GTA V

“3 years it is, since this went down.

3 years since shit got real…

The online version sold over half a bil. dollars..

Sold over 70 million copies worldwide..

6 million in the UK alone.. Damn! That shit’s huge..

Why am i talking like am stoned…

I might be stoned, or not..or brain dead…

Hmph! been smokin’ pot for long.

But, that’s the hard truth, man..

Now uh!, go buy it and play it.

Dem Hipsters, Computer gamers with their computer rigs. All they do is cry. They will never get the game..

Gimme some space, I need to meditate… or masturbate… or both.”

— Trevor

Sea of Thieves : The treasure hunt is on

Sea of Thieves : The treasure hunt is on

A’right ye scallywags! Avast ye! We need ta go on the account of some booty huntin’. Aye! That’s what we buccaneers do. Drink yer grog, get ta the land, and search for the booty. The map of the island will come in handy. Once ye find them, return ta the Jolly Roger. But beware mateys! There be other scoundrels tryin’ ta steal what is ours. When we see those scurvy dogs, batten down the hatches and man-o-war.  Give ’em everythin’ ye got and scuttle them to the Davy Jones’ locker. Coz we pirates ‘TAKE WHAT WE CAN AND GIVE NOTHIN’ BACK!’