The “Uncharted”Course

The path travelled by the developer Naughty Dog and the game’s protganoist Nate Drake, a treasure hunter, is more than overwhelming. The hunt fot the treasure started in 2007 and has come through many nail biting events and it’s going to finally end this may, when the final installment of the seires will be released on the play station network.

The first of the series was Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune, which started off in Playstation 3. Being a decendent of the famous treasure hunter, Sir Francis Drake, Nathan sets out to seek the lost treasure of El Dorado in South America with the help of a journalist Elena Fisher and mentor Victor “sully” sullivan. The pirates led by eddie raja and a group of mercenaries follow their trail relentlessly for the same fortune. Who gets there first has to be found out by playing.

The second installment was Uncharted: Among Thieves. This time it is in the east in the country of Nepal and the mountaineous region of the himalayas. The are bound to find the lost city of Shambala. The city forms the basis of connection between many characters in the game including Elena and sully.

The third in the series was Uncharted: Drake’s Deception. Drake and his mentor sully embark on a journey to the Arabian peninsula to the vast wasteland of Rub Al Khali desert in search of the “Iram of Pillars” a.k.a “Atlantis of the sands”. They face new antogonists on their path while the desert coffin looks to do the same in the way of nature.

The final settlement will be Uncharted: A thief’s end.The story takes a new turn as Nate, now a retired treasure hunter settled down with his wife Elena, is being approached by a ghost of the past. His brother Sam who was acknowledged long dead and gone returns in person to meet Nate and ask for his help. They then set upon an epic journey across various lands to Madagascar to find a lost colony of pirates and the treasures held up with them.

This is supposed to be the best of all the games in the series, on technical specifications, graphics and gameplay. It has already been acclaimed on a whole new level since its demo screening at the E3 conference. The game’s world is supposed to be very wide and vast with much detailing to tag along. A demo allows the player to drive through the plains of Madagascar. There seems to be no end to the amount of ground the character traverses in his jeep, which wouldn’t be the normal case in many games. But there were many stone signs and left-behind tire tracks that makes sure you aren’t lost when wandering the plains.

Uncharted 4 seem to have lot of stealth mechanics. Drake will be continuously overgunned by rival treasure hunter Rafe Adler and Mercenary leader Nadine Ross. So these mechanics equip players with the required artilery to gain the upper hand before opening fire, especially on large uncovered areas. There is a suspicion indicator on the screen. If fills up slowly as and when the enemies suspect Drake in the presence of them. If it fill, all the enemies are alerted and all hell breaks loose. But Drake can fortunately crouch and sneak through the terrains and mark the enemies from a distance. So he can do stealth takedowns without alreting the other around. The battle is even entertaining when the character can dive, roll out of danger and pick up a fallen person’s weapon before getting back up again and attack. Drake can also climb trees to do a stealth stalking on the enemies layout or escape danger. Those these actions seem very realistic, it does seem quite hard to use them in combat because of a bit complicated control pattern.

All in all though just the demo of the game is released, it does seem quite entertaining and realistic to play the final installment. More interesting facts on graphics and gameplay can be said when the full version releases this may. For all gamers who love action/adventure especially on some story line as this, these games are a must play.

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