Gaming levels up with VR!

Most gamers would call this level 3. Level 2 was when kinect was introduced for the xbox. Motion sensors were used to capture human movements and replicate it for the character in the game. A large number of games for the kinect were sport games and games that involved dance, as they synced with the kinect system really well. Of course there were other genre games as well, like skyrim but hard to play with the kinect. But now three companies have released 3 of their respective VR systems taking gaming to the next level, experiencing gaming in a virtual reality. They come with headsets that cover the eyes, making the gamer feel present in the game’s world itself.


Oculus Rift final model

The rift has a strong hardware support and the developers have done a neat job with it. It works with intergration with the PC and xbox. Hence the PC requires high end RAM, processor and graphic card by default. So are the headset’s specifications. A high resolution OLED panel with 110 degree viewing angle and 90hz core processor. Coming to the rift’s market, steam might be on a run for hosting games that support VR, owing to steam’s huge consumer base. The only problem is the oculus have to showcase their products for the consumer’s reach and reportedly it takes months to receive one of the rifts that was ordered.

As far as how the headset and the rest of the system works, the former has a dial on the underside of it to allow gamers to adjust the lens of the viewing distance inside the game. The earphones give a 360 surround sound. But the rift doesn’t allow 360 degree view of the VR. It only feels like a virtual cinema room with a large screen in the front of your eyes.

The touch controllers utilized hand tracking technology and helps manipulate objects and do hand gestures in the VR world that are mapped to the fingers. The are like mirrors to each other to help track the movements on both the hands. But just like the headset they don’t provide a 360 degree movement tracking. The controllers come with a thumbstick, two buttons and a trigger, for grabbing or holding items, for aiming and shooting. That being said some of the games compatible for the rift are valkyire, half-life and grid.


None expected HTC to come up with a VR plan. It was a total surprise when they partnered with the mamoth Valve corporation and launched into the limelight with their VR with slick hardware and outstanding location tracking systems. Just like the rift, vive also requires the PC to play and also it comes with the same basic specifications as its rival, a 90hz OLED display with 110 degree viewing angle. Unline Oculus, HTC are faster in showcasing their products for the customers and also have announced the cost for the controllers, while still oculus haven’t.

HTC’s handling experience with smartphones with the implementation of accelerometers and gyroscopes allows it an advantange in the area of motion sensing. It tracks not only the head and hand movements but the entire body. It does this by bouncing lasers off the surface of the headset and each controller, which are studded with a myriad of sensors to get the most accurate tracking data possible. The base senors are placed in the opposite corners of a room giving the best coverage for motion tracking with the maximum operating distance of 15m.

Unline the rift, the vive is capable of handling the gamer a fullscale 360 degree VR experience. This means the viewing will not be restricted to a large screen movie scenario, but an all around view of the game. The controllers also now have a huge hole cut out in the top of them to help ease its weight distribution. This ‘void’, as HTC likes to call it, also allows them to pack in even more sensors to improve its rotational movement tracking, as these movements are by far the hardest to track accurately.


Now this one is different from the previous two. The reason is, the rift and vive are competing for the same PC market for the same consumers, but the PS VR as the name says is for the playstation alone and runs on it. Sony is free from competition in this aspect as they would concentrate only on the 35 million playstation users world wide. Its’ headset is due to release this october.

The resolution too is lesser than the other two with 1,920×1,080. However its refresh rate is 120Hz which is more than the vive or rift. The higher the refresh rate, the higher and smoother is the tracking speed.The console has outputs to both headset and TV to allow co-op gameplay experiences. Also the headset’s appearance beats the counterparts from the materia, LEDs and finish. The PS VR headset is also the most comfortable one among the three. The dual-vibration controllers give a real feel experience to the body by vibrating everytime the character attacks or gets attacked or crashes the car while driving in the game. All playstation users will know this as it has already been implemented before in their joysticks of PS3 and PS4.

Though Playstation 4 is convincingly powerful enough to handle the VR, there will be a time where the PC specs can be upgraded with respect to the graphic cards, but the playstation can’t. But as for the games associated with the PC, there will certainly be compatible issues, when it comes to processor speed and Graphic card support. Whereas the Playstation has constant specs worldwide with the 35million users. And when the company produces a VR there will never be any compatability issues.

In the end it’ll all come to the gamers themselves to choose between them by feeling what is best for them and what suits them. The competion in the PC market will surely be won by the vive for its high and rich technicality and 360 degree VR experience. But the real competion when it comes to general VR will be between vive and playsation VR.

Beyond the vast veil of emptiness

The dark void of vaccum is an enormous place of hidden mysteries. Still most of it’s secrets unknown and as unrelenting as it is, one can not easily figure out the events of the present or the histories of the past. For all that is for sure now is that there are 9 planets orbiting a star in this solar system. There has been enough information gathered on these planets including their orbiting moons, soil nature and ground resources. But what lies beyond is infinitively secluded from the human knowledge.

Galaxies are said to comprise of numerous solar systems and in-turn, the universe comprises of numerous galaxies. By the thought of it there is a massive amount of starts and planets present in an universe. The big bang too doesn’t provide much information on the universes present in deep space. It only explains how the universe actually came into existence in the first place.

Which was why the kepler space telescope was launched into orbit to monitor the cosmos and the exo-space. Using the sun’s energy as reflectors it snaps and locates possible planets that are outside this solar system. At present it is said to have detected around 2000 confirmed planets. The existence of planets similar to the earth among them raised many eyebrows in delusion to see if they actually exist. Do those planets inhabit humans too? Or do they possess other kinds of species capable enough to communicate with humans? The Kepler 452-B, so it is named, is the most look alike planet discovered so far.

However there isn’t any proper technology to actually find out the species of living creatures in this planet. NASA has touted kepler 452-B as Earth 2.0. Though they use the term “earth-like”, the very dimensions of it make a worldly difference, in terms of soil composition, natural resources and also atmospheric composition. And that is not all, there are other planets which less resemble the earth but still possess potential to provide information on other species in existence. By extending the fact that there is something similar to this planet in other solar systems in the same milky-way galaxy, there can be made a theory that human existence in such planets is a considerable possibility and plus such planets are numerous as there are thousands of solar systems in each of the galaxies. And millions of these galaxy make an entire universe.

Coming to the talk of the universe, there is an assumption going on that there exists totally 12 universes in space and they exist as twins. Unvierse 1 and 12 are twins, 2 and 11 are twins, 3 and 10 are twins and so on. And supposedly the earth is a part of the 7th universe. As uncanny the universes are, there are confirmed theories though that there exists more than one. Assuming universes exist as twins, then it can be further assumed that there is a same solar system and same earth in the nearby universe in a galaxy of its own. The mind get boggled in deep thoughts of it. The technology of today doesn’t serve any communication purposes with our coutnerparts. More down the assumption line, if there did exist the 5 dimensions and if they have managed to master it all, it would be overwhelming to see the extent of the growth of their civilization. But also considering the fact that if they did master them, they’d have already come in contact with us and would have also known how to travel a billion light years between universes by avoiding the black holes. Or is it that NASA did come in contact with a few of them and didn’t want the people to know as they wanted to operate like the MIB(Men in Black). Absolutely crazy!!

I just lost my style of writing towards the end in excitement thinking of all these.

Discussion on this are welcome! Let’s get mind-blazed!!

Understand the fat problem

When the eyes look down upon the body, for many people it always remains a delirious view. A bulge that blocks the line of sight to the feet that also breaks mirrors in frustration. This might have always lead to trying out various excerices and diet plans on how to reduce it. But mostly they’ve all resulted in failure. The reason would always because the problem isn’t properly understood so as to choose the proper diet.

The most common advice is to do cardio and run miles every single day. After days and weeks of running, the legs tiring themselves everytime crying out in pain while the heart decides to suicide by jumping out of the body. The hardwork the body put in will of course have its good effects, but when the change is not being felt or seen which happens to be the most common case, it has got nothing to do with the type of exercise or workouts done but the food. The culprit behind all these is nothing but

The term “calories” is the most talked term out there. It is true that when calories consumed is lesser than that of calories burned a change happens over the body in the form of weight. But fat would still remain. The weight that burned would be muscle and body mass. Removing carbs from the diet would be the best plan.

The body generally gains energy from two sources. Carbs and fats. The glycogen (Chemical term for carbs) providing the fuel as the primary source of energy and fats serving as the secondary. Picture this.

  1. There are two tanks. The fat is the bigger tank and above it is the comapratively smaller glycogen tank.
  2. The glycogen tank gets filled up due to carbs intake.
  3. Excessive intake of carbs leads to a spill-over or overflow of glycogen into the bottom fat tank.
  4. This would add to the filling the fat tank apart from manual consumption of fatty foods.
  5. More amount of fat stored, more energy but at the same time more groggy and bulkier look for the body.


This would probably give an idea of what exactly has to be done.

  1. Cut the carb intake totally.
  2. Every time when cardio or HIIT (High intense interval training, will be talked in detail in later article) is done, the body consumes the carbs as fuel for energy.
  3. When there is no intake of carbs and more workout, the body starts to slowly deplete the carb tank off glycogen.
  4. Hence there would be no spill over, and this process continued untill the carb tank is totally depleted of glycogen.
  5. Once this happens, the body searches for another source of energy as it is not depleted of glycogen. So it comes to the fat tank.
  6. Keep the workouts consistent and going so that now, the body utilizes the fat as its source of energy. This is where actually the real fat burning process starts.

And doing this on a regular basis for a few weeks to months which depends on the body type and varies between people, all the fat can be burned. Then the body looks lean and gains definition.

Stay tuned to know what and how to eat to maintain the body after reducing fat. This would be the second problem, as the mind goes out of control and wants to have all the tasty food in the world.

Taking the 5 best shots of fire

Taking the 5 best shots of fire

W,A,S,D, Space, CTRL, E, F, shift and the mouse define the basics of a shooter world. The amount of detailing of textures is on an exponential rise these days, along with the addition of Instinctive decisions and storylines making it real enough to experience a character by first person. The game engines, often updated to re-create user experiences are mostly done so as to exceed their manufacturing counterparts in quality and performance. There were many First person and third person shooter games released till date and this is going to be top 5 picks analyzed in every aspect of gaming.

1. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Global offensive gives way too different feel for Counter-Strike addicts with its new detailing of textures and mods of structures, characters and weapons. For example the de_dust2 map features the same but has been given more definition to the surrounding environment including the ceilings and double doors.

This is the place near the T-spawn that directs to bomb site B. As it can be seen there, there are a lot of additions to the scene from wires to domes and barrels lying around which gives a new feel during gameplay. The counter strike fans know that once dead, respawn cannot happen unitl the round is over. This was how LAN gaming with CS was done with 1.6, condition zero and source. Now for GO, the same concept is being applied for competetive tournaments also, making it really hard to play. Gamers have to plan out strategies to strike as respawn cannot happen in the same round. It makes them think, unlike the other FPS. This would be one of the greatest points of GO as an FPS.

2. Spec-Ops: the line

By far one of the best third-person shooter game ever played. This game is about a delta recon team operating in Dubai. Colonel John Conrad goes missing and the lead of the delta force, Captain Martin walker sets out to find him. The highlight of this game is that the picturization of a post-apocalyptic Dubai is over the top, with even the minute of the details coming into play. The scattering sand on bomb blasts to finding dust on the gun the players use, the foggy display of sand storms engulfing the whole city is totally off the charts.

The most interesting and gripping feature of this game is it allows the gamers to make situation based decisions. For example, there will be a situation where one of the comrades will on the brink of death and at the same time, the enemy tries to escape. The player has to make a decision either to save the comrade or to chase the enemy. This is by far the first to have such broad features in making decisions as the captain of the team. So these kind of things make the game so real that it changes the perspective a player sees a game.

3. Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare

Every FPS gamer knows there are many other COD games that were released after this and all of us know when it comes to online multiplayer, this COD game beats them all. The reasons are movements of the characters and the process of shooting down an enemy isn’t sophisticated. It gives a feel of much more arcade than being realistic. Exactly the feature what every online gamer wants.

The game has to be fast and racy. Another interesting fact is that every class of characters in this game have a different weaponry loadout. The weapons can be upgraded as the player moves up in rank. Also the weapon artilery can be modified or upgraded based on the character’s attributes. An attribute called Juggernaut enables extra health for the character when playing on close combat and an attribute called last stand, make the player to take a last second kill on his opponent by switching to his pistol before he drops dead. The Maps are numerous and can be added to extra excitement and also rage quit too if the map is short. Kills are easy and hard, respawn can happen right beside the enemy that just killed your character. As a whole, by far the best FPS right now.

4. Battlefield 4

When it comes to intensity in battle, this game wins it. Battles come both with vehicles and without, also they come in different mode of multiplayer combat. The obliteration mode involves two teams fighting for bombs to explode enemy positions, which makes it a more fun and exciting mode to play. Again vehicles can come in play here, where a player can pilot a helicopter to swoop into battle pick up the bomb to the planting site leaving the enemy behind.

Team Deathmatch and conquest mode become more tense with spotting the enemy and trying to carry the bomb. The battles can be done without artilery too, but it involves full strategical support from the team members for the win. Adding to the gameplay is the look of the maps. They are outstanding with color richly distributed, along with helping the gameplay out. Camouflage becomes essential with the detailing of the meadows or hiding in the tunnels during a bomb possession. Destruction is key in the game, when structures and building collapse on the full when bombed making it a difficult time for the campers around. The other games do not have this feature.

5. Far Cry Primal

We  are now aboard for the time travel to the past. 10,000 B.C it is where the players land in the stone age, where things are very Primal. Play as Takkar and wander about in the wilderness to find the lost Wenja Tribe.

This game brings a whole new complexion in comparison to the other far cry games. It becomes realistic when a primal man is put to test by the wraths of nature through a calamity or wild animals. The game is more logic driven when during night fall, the predators tend to attack more when they turn into their hunting mode. It is a game of survival amongst the depths of danger from all direction all the while when the search for the tribe goes on. The weapons are simple tools from the stone age, with blunt knifes and wooden spears making it a challenge to battle the beasts of the wilderness. Collecting wood for the campfire at the night amidst the nightmares lurking around with just a slingshot or spear makes the game more thirlling and also fun to play. One added realism is becoming the beast master. Players can control animals around and use them to help you for the survival. But it takes lot of time and experiment to make alliance with them.

Far cry primal can be bought online by clicking the image below.


That was a first!!..

None of us bloggers are sure exactly how this came up to be but it’s a good initiative taken that bloggers get recognized among themselves. So I take this opportunity to thank Bernard Tan at for nominating me for the liebster award.


So it’s time to spill out the answers for the questions put forth.

  • Where are you from?

Chennai, India.

  • What is the craziest thing you have ever done on a trip?

A lot of crazy things happened. One being getting drunk as hell in one place and ending up in another place, having no memory of how we ended up there. 😛

  • Share your experience of being scammed.

Never happened before.

  • What is the most useful tip you would have for the other travelers?

If you don’t have money, you can always hitchhike and stay in tents. That’s how real traveling is done. All that is required is the mind to travel.

  • What made you start a travel blog?

To have a rendezvous for all my memories and misadventures.

  • Where do you see yourself and your travel blog in the next 3 years?

Just do things as and when I feel. 😉

  • Struggles as a travel blogger.

Getting a big portfolio and pitching at the right time with the right subject.

  • There are millions of travel blogs, what sets yours apart?

My style of writing. That’s the title of my blog.

  • What is your biggest travel regret?

Once there was a plan to do para-gliding but it never happened due to the bad weather conditions that was never taken into consideration while planning.

  • Describe your creative process in blogging.

Have no rules. Go with the flow and imagination.

  • What is the worst place you have ever been?

It depends on induvidual opinion. I don’t really have one.

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